Saturday, March 16, 2013

Apron & Plastic Bag Holder

This apron and plastic bag holder is a gift for a friend as a small thank you for letting me sell my things in her shop. She doesn't charge me anything so the deal is if I think she wants something I'll make it for her as a thank you. Next gift will be a side board runner.

I used an old apron I had of my own as  the pattern for the apron. It's double sided and I used the same fabric on both sides.

Just ignore the threads on the floor.
The plastic bag holder was really easy and quick to make, it's basically a tube with bias around the top and bottom with elastic threaded through, a handle on the top and it's done.

~ Maria ~


  1. How nice of you Maria to make the apron and bag holder as gifts. Beautiful fabric. Did you use the Zoje machine for making these?

  2. That first message is spam - I wish those people would just go AWAY!

    Lovely apron - I bought a sweet pink one from Ikea a few weeks ago - it's just the right size and shape so I'm planning on making more aprons using it as a pattern :D Nice plastic bag holder too - I need a few of those - one on each floor!

    1. That first message has now been deleted Sandra. I've had alot come through lately and trying to keep on top of them.

    2. That's the only one I've seen on your blog so you're doing well, lol. It seems to come in spurts - I don't get any for a long time (or the Blogger filter catches them) - then I get several in a row. Those people should spend their time doing something more productive - like SEWING :D

  3. Hi Maria....GREAT gifts...I sure could use a plastic bag holder like that myself! I am too lazy to put on an apron though! LOLLL I haven't heard from you in ages and the emails I sent you bounced! I also left you a couple of messages on facebook...hope to hear from you soon! :) Christine

    - ChrisW Designs

  4. The Apron and the Plastic Bag Holder are adorable, I love the fabric.
    I'm deleting from 10 to 15 spam messages per day. Hopefully these people find something better to do, I like the idea of Sandra we could teach them to sew, instead of spam, they would leave us more appropriate messages.
    Returning to your creations, I love them, like everything you do!
    Marisa from

  5. Cute. I nee to make a plastic bag holder. It would look better than the plastic bag of bags hanging on my door. Maybe I'll do that this weekend. Taxes are done, I don't have any errands that I know of so yeah I think I'll try to make one.
    Thanks for sharing your pretties. ;o)


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