Friday, February 21, 2014

Patchwork Wallet

Well it's been a very quiet February on the sewing front, the reason being that I started going to the gym in the mornings three times a week and by the time I get home and showered I have to start making the lunch. Since I was so unfit it took it out of me completely so a two hour nap was called for in the afternoons. After waking from that I'd make a cup of tea and then have to start thinking about what to make for dinner. Then by the time that was over with I was too exhausted to sew.

I'm now getting used to exercising. I no longer need my nap in the afternoons LOLL which means I have a little extra time to sew.

This wallet was for a girl who asked me to make one for her. I had the fabric which is one of my cheaters patchwork fabrics, no piecing to do. Sorry the photos aren't very good but I was in a rush to leave the house to post it to her.

I used a very pale pink for the inside.

Before making this purse I did do a test bag but can't show you that one until after the 1st March when the pattern will be released. You'll be surprised at the colour I used, it's completely different from my usual browns. Liz from Moments will love it so if you know Liz that's a clue for you.

I finished a patchwork bag for a customer which I'll be showing you in a couple of days time.

Yesterday my sewing room was in such a mess that I just couldn't stand it any longer so as soon as the patchwork bag was finished I got to work on spring cleaning. I practically emptied my room, cleaned and dusted, tidied and organized and put everything back in again. My fabric was in such a state with customers coming round and pulling out samples to choose from but everything looks great now and I'm ready to start again.

My next project will be two table runners. I'm off to wash the fabrics now. I don't do this with all fabrics but some of these are cottons and have been told by the fabric store that they will shrink.

Hope some of you are having a more productive February than I am.

Happy Sewing.

~ Maria ~


  1. I can't believe that you sewed something in red!!!
    I won't believe it till i see it !! LOL ;-)

  2. So that's where you've been hiding the gym...and under the covers, lol!!!!! Good for you for getting some exercise. You'll be into your new routine soon and will be sewing up a storm again soon.

  3. Ha my walk to work this morning nearly took it out of me, I haven't walked for yonk's. The wallet you made is beautiful.

  4. Hi Maria,
    your Patchwork-Wallet is wonderful!
    Happy weekend to you,

  5. Very pretty wallet, Maria - and congrats on the exercising - my only exercise seems to consist of walking to and from the fridge! When the weather finally starts to warm up and I get back to walking, my work will be cut out for me - I'll probably need 2 hour afternoon naps too, LOL!

  6. Really nice, Maria. Lucky girl that is getting this.

  7. Hi Maria~ The bag is lovely as your work always is so wonderful and consistent! I hope you understand that is a gift or a talent! Not everyone is able to do that~ I've probably said this before, but that is just how special your sewing is~

    I have actually be more productive this Feb than I've been in a long time! I'm working again on a really scrappy king size quilt for my daughter and son in law. I hope to have it done in the next couple of weeks~ It is good to be back sewing and blogging! much love and smiles~

  8. Nice wallet Maria. Always enjoy seeing what you have whipped up.

    So what you are saying is if we want to exercise we have to give up sewing. Maybe this is why I haven't been exercising lately. lol

  9. I think you are being productive. Just in other ways. I wish I had an exercise regimen. I did miss your posts. You'll have a well balanced life as soon as your body gets in sync.

  10. Super cute! Funny that I have this fabric in this color and 2 more tones. Love it!
    Happy day!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  11. I really like the wallet, can you tell me where to get the pattern?


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