Friday, September 19, 2014

Gizmo Garage Bag

Hi everyone

I've been away for a while and I'm not long back from visiting my daughter which was so much fun and also tiring. We did a load of fabric shopping amongst other things sewing related and I even got an order from a shop while I was there for eight hearts and eighteen cushions. I'll be doing another post about my visit and the goodies I bought in a later post but for now I want to show you a bag that I tested for Christine at ChrisW Designs before I went away. I'm a bit late in posting about this bag as the pattern was released while I was away. Check out all the other testers bags HERE they look great.

I've been wanting a new laptop bag since I bought my laptop. The bag that came with it was plain black and hadn't found anything I really liked so when this pattern came up for testing I knew immediately that this one was for me.

This pattern is awesome. As usual with Christine's bags there are loads of pockets and the pattern includes three sizes becasue not all laptops are the same plus there is a free sizing guide download HERE so you can choose the perfect size.

This bag looks complicated but actually comes together very easily. There are no zips so if you struggle with those this bag is perfect for you. The instructions are very easy to follow and the pattern is packed with tons of photos to help you make your bag.

This is the front which houses the laptop plus has pockets for keeping everything organized.

There is a large exterior slip pocket that has a smaller slip pocket and pen pocket inside.There are also two big pleated slip pockets, perfect for your laptop charger, cords, mouse and external hard drive. The main opening houses up to a 17” laptop in the larger version of the bag , 15” laptop in the medium version and up to a 13” in the small version. My laptop is 15" but I made the 17" one and there is loads of room. I was worried about my bag not being waterproof so wanted to make it slightly bigger to be able to slip the laptop into a waterproof sleeve for those days when it's a bit wet outside.

I use the small slip pocket for my mobile. The size is perfect, it fits nice and snugly so it doesn't slip out.

The main pocket for your laptop is free of other pockets so that your laptop doesn't get scratched or damaged.

This is the back which has a pocket to hold an ipad but as I don't have one I use it to hold my wallet, keys and ID which means I can take everything I need in one bag.
The bag also has an adjustable shoulder strap as well as a grab strap so you can carry it multiple ways, or just grab and go. I used a plain upholstery fabric for the main exterior of the bag and quilting cottons for the rest and used soft and stable for the padding. The back pleated pocket also has soft and stable so everything is well protected.

Some time ago Christine had sent me some of her labels which I was keeping to put on one of her bag designs that I would be using myself so I used one for this bag. I feel so chuffed to be walking out of the door with my designer bag now. LOL

I love the the hook and D ring closure on the front.

One of the steps I don't like doing much in bag making is cutting out and sticking interfacing onto fabric pieces so thought I'd show you how I do mine. I lay them out all onto the interfacing and iron them all at once then just cut them out. Saves so much time.

If you'd like to make a Gizmo Garage Bag you can go HERE to get your pattern.
Here are the three sizes included in the pattern also make sure to check out the sizing guide included in the pattern or the free download.

I took my bag with me when I went away and it was fantastic having everything so organized I've also used it a couple of times when I had to take my laptop out to be fixed and it's turned some heads. I think it's the shape. Most laptop bags are wide to put you laptop in side ways where as this one is longer putting it in lengthwise. I love it and I'm sure you'll love it too if you make one.

I have loads of projects to show you still and the next one will be a gorgeous bag designed by Sarah Gido which I can post about on Saturday so be sure to pop back then to see that one.

Happy Sewing.

~ Maria ~


  1. Hi Maria,
    nice to have you back here :O)
    This bag is wonderful, with all the exta pockets! Well done!
    I am looking forward to see all the fabrics you bought ;O)))
    Happy sewing day,

  2. Welcome back, I hope you had a lovely time :)

    We're HTC twinsies you know, that makes us cool!

    I do my cutting out the exact same but opposite way, I cut my interfacing then iron it onto my yardage and then cut it out lol!

  3. Welcome home, glad you had fun with your daughter.....wondered why you'd been a bit quiet lol Your Gizmo bag looks great, as always :)


  4. Well Maria you must have extra wide interfacing in order to fuse your fabric all at once, plus a huge ironing board too!!! Interfacing here mostly comes 20" wide, which is not wide enough. Plus I don't have the space to lay out all the pieces like you do, LOL!!! I saw your bag before on Christine's blog. Beautifully done.

  5. Welcome back Maria - I'm glad you had a good time with your daughter, and extra glad that you got some shopping in, lol! I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought :D

    That's a nice looking laptop bag - very practical, and with enough pockets to keep things organized :) It's certainly prettier than most of the ones I see in the stores, lol!

  6. Great bag! The interfacing cutting idea is very clever. I think we all try different things to make are work easier. I actually enjoy the cutting part as much as the sewing. The fusing part is the one I don't like as much. Probably because of the hot weather here.

  7. Maria I love your bag, the fabric that you choose are beautiful. BTW I hate the cutting part too LOLLL


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