Monday, December 29, 2014

Hearts, Getting Ready For Valentines

Christmas is over with. Hope you all had a wonderful time. Now we have the New Year celebrations to look forward too. There's nothing I like more than seeing the New Year firework displays shown on the tv taking part all over the world.

I just finished making a bag that I will be doing a review on but thought I'd show you that in the New Year. For now I'm getting ready for Valentines. Yes you read it right, I didn't get the time to make any decorations for Christmas so I'm starting now to be ready for Valentines Day.

I've started off with stuffed hearts. Here's my first 10.

I adore this fabric which I found in a new shop in our town on Christmas Day. It's for making sheets so it's really wide, 2.5 meters wide. I bought half a meter of this colour and two meters with pink flowers. I used the lilac coloured one for the lining on the bag I'll be doing a review on so I'll need to stock up on some more before they finish their stock.

Valentines wouldn't be valentines without some red and white polka dot hearts. I had enough of this fabric to make two then went and bought some more of a redder and smaller polka dot.

Here are twelve more waiting to be stuffed. I'll also be making some Valentine coasters once I've finished with the hearts and then I'll send them on to my daughter to sell at the craft fair.

Wishing all of you a Very Happy New Year for 2015.

~ Maria ~


  1. Hi Maria,
    I KNEW IT!!! ................YOU kept Santa's Helpers in your sewing room ............LOLLLLLL...
    Lovely hearts!
    Well, and to be honest, Valentines Day will be here so quickly !
    Have a lovely week,
    Claudia xo

  2. Beautiful hearts Maria. Good to get a jump on Valentines now, especially since I know you will be busy making lots of bags in 2015. Have a Happy and creative New Year Maria.

  3. Beautiful, Maria. Our last Christmas celebration is tonight, so then I can move on with my sewing. Looking forward to new things to sew in the new year.

  4. Lovely hearts !!! you don't stop

  5. Beautiful hearts - the red polka dot ones are particularly adorable! I can't even get a Christmas gift from hubby, let alone a gift for a *romantic* special day :D Happy New Year to you and your famly - 2015 is going to be GREAT!

  6. everything is pretty here, especially the lilac fabric - you can feel romance is in the air.

    happy new year, maria. and happy sewing too!

  7. They look so romantic! Somehow as soon as Christmas is over people start thinking of Valentine's Day. Is good for business but I get on a denial state because my birthday is the day after and I don't want to grow any older. LOL. My daughter says I should think of it as my day but forget about the part of having one more year. LOL


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