Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sugar & Spice Sew Along Bag

This is my version of the Sugar & Spice Bag by ChrisW Designs. We had a sew along for this bag on Christine's FB Group that has just finished and it was fun to take part in.

This is my third one so didn't expect any problems as the first two came together beautifully but then I didn't use this fabric for those. I started cutting the pieces out and ironed on my interfacing then noticed something wasn't quite right. I placed the paper pattern pieces back on top of my fabric pieces that had been ironed an to my horror found that I had lost an inch off the bottom and half an inch off the sides. If it wasn't for the fact that I love this fabric and couldn't get hold of any more I would have slung the whole lot in the bin and started again.

I was now left with the problem of how to salvage this bag.

Because of the shrinkage I had to position my pockets slightly different to the pattern and ended up having to chop an inch off the bottom of those. Then I could have carried on and used the fitted bottom pattern piece only that was now too wide and becasue my bag was an inch shorter it would have been too small for my needs so I decided to make a pleather piece that I cut out about four inches high, added it to the bottom of the bag and then just boxed the corners.
The front and back are exactly the same with two slip pockets on each side.

Despite the alterations I'm really happy with the way it turned out and it just goes to show how versatile this pattern is.

Inside there are 2 pen pockets and 4 additional slip pockets all kept secure with a main recessed zipper.
The measurements of the Sugar & Spice bag in the pattern are approx. 36cm (14”) W X 20cm (8”) H X 7.5cm (3”) D

Another sew along is being planned for one of Christine's designs so if you'd like to take part then join the FB group HERE.

Happy Sewing and make sure you iron your fabrics before cutting LOL.

~ Maria ~


  1. Hi Maria,
    another wonderful Bag!
    I love this Paisley fabrics!
    Have a happy sewing day,
    Claudia to my sewing machine ...LOL.........

  2. What a great misfortune. The bag looks fabulous this way. Good for you for being persistent. I probably would have started over but look at what a beautiful bag you created.

  3. You sure did make lemonade out of lemons - wow what a great save for your problem! That's a huge amount of shrinkage for fabric - it looks like upholstery fabric, so I'm surprised it shrank that much!

  4. Your bag is gorgeous. Is the metal stop on your zipper something you added? I've never seen a stop like this.

  5. I love your bag. Your save was brilliant and elegant. Your stitching on the pleather is beautiful.

  6. I love your bag. Your save was brilliant and elegant. Your stitching on the pleather is beautiful.


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