Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paisley Makeup Bag

Finished making this makeup bag for a friend yesterday. She chose the paisley fabric and I picked the lining fabric. The pattern is the Variated Clutch Purse by Gary Fletcher. Gary has just started up a website which you can find HERE.
The pattern has a magnetic button as a closure but I added a zip to this one to make the contents more secure.

Another thing I added that wasn't in the pattern is fleece or batting, whichever you call it. The fabric I used was very thin and wouldn't have worked with just interfacing.

The nice thing about this pattern is that it comes in three sizes and a variation of pockets and straps.
I made the medium size.

This style of zipper is my favourite because it can be used for practically any bag style and is very easy to make.

I just recently found these zipper tabs and have been wanting to use them. They are really easy to install. You just fold under your zip ends and press the metal zipper tabs over the zip, the tabs have three metal teeth to hold onto the zip. I told my friend to see if they stayed on and if not to return the makeup bag and I'd sew some fabric tabs on.

Again the pattern has one pocket on the outside but I added two. I think you can just make them out in this next photo.

I saved my favourite photo for last. The inside of the bag. I absolutely adore this colour. I find it so fresh looking and calming.

Happy sewing to all of you.

~ Maria ~


  1. This is beautiful pouch. I've never seen the metal zipper tabs. I've never seen them before!

  2. Maria that's a great zippered bag. I haven't seen those metal tabs before so let me know if they stayed secure in holding the zipper ends. They look like they would work great. I love turquoise too. I have one room painted in a turquoise color because it is calming. Love paisleys too. Definitely makes a better bag to have some batting/fleece to give it shape and structure. Nicely sewn as usual!!!!

  3. Very nice! Great of you to add the zipper. And those tabs are a great find. The lining color is lovely!

  4. I tried to comment via my iPad BUT for some reason i couldn't.....anyway....Great job as usual Maria and i adore that colour too...especially in combination with browns.....

  5. OH I love this pouch!!!!!! This makeup bag is very cute, I like it. I've never seen metal zipper tabs like this, they are really nice and give a personal touch, all this to say that I like your makeup bag, nice color, nice design, nice zipper...... I LOVE IT !!!!!!!
    Marisa :)

  6. Wonderful, Maria!
    Have a great start into the new week!

  7. Love the bag and wow those metal tabs are a neat idea. Where do you find those?

  8. I like your modifications :) In my opinion a pouch is a lot more practical with a zipper closure than with a snap or buttons, and the feel of it is nicer with batting inside. I've never seen zipper tabs before - what a great idea - they make a nice finish! I'm curious too, as to where you found them?

  9. Beautiful! Did not know of zipper tabs either. I love the look of it! Thanks for sharing!
    Loive from Amsterdam


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