Monday, January 21, 2013

Blog Problem Solved

You'll probably remember the post I did on Blog Problems a few days ago. It was driving me nuts especially as everyone else was seeing my blog normally.
I was chatting with my bloggy friend Samantha and unknown to me her hubby Dus is a computer genius. He said to click on View then Zoom then click on in/out. Well what do you know it worked. How stupid do I feel. LOLLLL
Samantha said I must have clicked on something by accident or pressed the Ctrl button. Just then a light bulb came on. Seconds before emailing her as I swiveled my computer chair I notice the hand rest hit the Ctrl button and the font on my computer suddenly went large but I couldn't figure out why, now I know.

Just thought I'd do this post 'in case' there is someone out there who is as daft as me. LOLLLL

A big thanks to Samantha and Dus for solving the problem for me and also to everyone who wrote to let me know they could see my blog's fine.

~ Maria ~


  1. Whenever something goes wrong with my computer, my husband tells me I must have clicked on something without knowing it. I usually ask him to fix my problems and most of the time he can. Glad you got yours fixed too and now we will all know how to fix that one if it happens to us.

  2. you're welcome :)

    I get terribly frustrated with my computer, it almost goes out the window many, many times a day. Dus kind of sighs and rolls his eyes. :)

  3. It WOULD be something simple, wouldn't it?
    Last night I was laying on the floor playing a game on my laptop when things started to go crazy. I completely freaked out and then I heard giggles--my nephew had my wireless mouse hidden in his lap and was playing his tricks from a distance. Glad it was that, but I felt dumb.

  4. I am so happy that you've solved it;).
    me too I am not so expert at computer stuffs
    have nice week

  5. Hi Maria, I'm reading all your post a little late, like always, not enough time in a day! I am glad that your computer problem has been solved, never would have thought that the solution was so easy.
    Maria, I love the tablet case that you did!!!! I'm sure your son will be happy and will love it (especially without a flower, but I think like you that would be a nice embellishment),:) , I really like the design, it is perfection, I love all the details you've added.
    As always a beautiful creation! Thanks for sharing.


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