Sunday, June 30, 2013

Camp Stitchalot Bag

I was delighted to be able to test this bag for Sara of Sew Sweetness. I don't have a bag especially for carrying my sewing things so this was perfect. Normally when I test bags I choose fabric colours that will sell easily so it's mostly browns, blacks or dark colours.

This one was for me so I went wild and chose bright colours. I love how this bag turned out and managed to finish it in time for when I went to visit my daughter. This bag is huge and has loads of pockets to keep everything organized.

I used a velcro closure but the pattern instructions show you how to make a magnetic button closure if you wish.

It has loads of pockets on the outside.

The inside has even more pockets plus 4 clear vinyl zipper pockets. I miscalculated the quantity of vinyl I needed so only made two.

If you'd like to make one for yourself then go over to Sara's Pattern Shop.

~ Maria ~

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

While They Were Sleeping

Last night I was so tired that by 10.30pm I was in my bed. Probably pretty normal for most but being as I only sleep for 4 - 5 hours at night this wasn't such a good idea. At 2.30am I was wide awake. I made myself some tea and had my breakfast, not being able to make any noise as everyone was asleep I set about doing all the ironing, still everyone was sleeping so I got out my batting scraps and set about cutting them all up to sew together. That's me being Scrooge frugal.
Got them cut up and still everyone is sleeping. I quietly emptied the dishwasher made another tea, answered some emails, at last hubby is awake so I quickly set about sewing my batting pieces together and now at 8.30am I'm ready for my lunch and afternoon nap. If I carry on at this rate I'll be going to my bed at 1pm and waking up to start the day at 5 or 6pm.

Anyway here's my finished batting piece to which I have now attached the top of a table topper I'm making.

~ Maria ~

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bag Brag Linking Party

If you love making bags then why not share your creations at Christine's Tuesday Bag Brag Linky Party. I've already linked three for this linky party and would love to see others there.

~ Maria ~

Greenbacks Wallet

Back in May I tested this Greenbacks Wallet for Sara of Sew Sweetness. My friend saw mine and asked if I would make one for her and her sister.
They chose the fabrics themselves and I think they're much prettier than mine. My daughter saw the first one and now she wants one too.

If you'd like to make one too you can get the pattern here.

The pattern has 3 separate wallet instructions for 3 different skill levels.
I chose to make the middle one.

~ Maria ~

Disappearing Nine Patch Table Runner

This was a quick project to make especially when you don't have a computer to play on the internet It was for a customer who chose some fabrics from my stash and she bought the rest. She gave me the measurements and left the design to me.

The only problem I had was after free motion quilting practically the whole lot I discovered that on the under side some stitches were sticking out in a loop. It took a while to figure out the reason why. The metal plate that is under the needle was slightly damaged from the needle hitting it in the past. I stuck some tape on it top and bottom, unpicked nearly half of the FMQ stitching and tried again. Perfect this time.

There were so many different colours I didn't know which colour to choose for the quilting so I chose a clear thread.


This is the back. The fabric wasn't long enough to make in one piece so I cut it in half and stitched the two together carefully so the pattern matched.

I love this paisley fabric she chose. It has a silver thread running through it which you can't really see in the photo.

 ~ Maria ~

Varriated Clutch Purse

Here's another test clutch I made while I was mia. This adorable little clutch is the smallest of three sizes and is designed by Gary Fletcher at Fashion Clique.

This is the size of the smallest one which I made.

Small Dimensions: 11" W x 6.5" H x 3" D  (all dimensions are approximate)  

The closure is a magnetic button but I think it would be easy to put in a zipper.

The sizes of the other two in the pattern are

Large Dimensions: 15.5" W x 9.5" H x 4.5" D  (all dimensions are approximate) 
Medium Dimensions: 12.5" W x7" H x 3.5" D  (all dimensions are approximate)  

This is a really versatile bag with options for pockets and straps. 

If you'd like to make one you can visit Gary's pattern shop here.

~ Maria ~

My Sugar & Spice Secret

If I'm not mistaken I've kept a secret since last Christmas. Ever since I've been bursting to let it out but was under strict instructions not to say a peep.

This is the secret. The Sugar & Spice Bag by Christine at ChrisW Designs.
Christine made this bag pattern for the Homespun Magazine and I couldn't blog about it until the magazine published it. It's now in this months issue. You can take a look here.

I've been using this bag regularly since I made it and it really is a useful bag. The size is just perfect with four exterior slip pockets.Two at the front and back.

The inside has another four slip pockets as well as two pen pockets so everything is kept organized and easy to find.

With a recessed zipper to keep everything safe.

Make sure you check out Christine's blog, her bag is made in the most adorable fabric I've ever seen. If you want to make one for yourself the pattern will be available from August at Christine's pattern shop or you could buy the magazine if you can't wait. Christine has the links on her blog to subscribe to the magazine or to buy it if you are in the US.

~ Maria~

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gone With The Wind ?

For those of you who follow my blog you may think I've disappeared. It's been one month since I last posted and what a month I've had.

My computer packed in on me twice. I had to change the hard drive on it. Luckily all my files were saved. My new sewing machine packed in on me too and it took forever to get the engineer to come and fix it which meant one of the bags that I was testing had to be put on hold and I had to turn down testing Christine's Dawn to Dust backpack but she kindly sent me the pattern anyway so that's on my list. Make sure you check it out Christine's blog where you can see her backpack along with the gorgeous ones made by her testers.

To top everything off I went late for my routine check up at the gynecologist and three lumps were found in my left breast. My doctors surgery is 5 hours away so I had a couple of trips there plus three other doctors. Luckily after seeing three I came across a fourth who was brilliant and said a biopsy wouldn't be necessary they were cysts which is quite common at my age. I won't bore you with the details of what I went through trying to get appointments with doctors and getting tests done but I do want to make a point of stressing how important it is that we all get checked regularly.

We all have busy lives, children, school runs, work, running a home and of course our hobbies, It's all time consuming and we always seem to put others first. I'd left my routine visit for two years. Please DON'T do the same as I did. I was lucky but someone else may not be and it would be tragic if the worst happened because you couldn't make time for yourself. Nothing is more important than your health. So if you're overdue for your check up DO IT NOW!!!!!!!

As for sewing I did manage to get some projects done. It's the best way to keep my mind off things. The first post after this one will be something I have been keeping very quiet since before Christmas. Don't miss the next post to find out what it is.

Thanks to everyone who contacted me while I was away. It's so touching to know that people I have never met are concerned.

~ Maria~