Friday, October 12, 2012

Thimble Keeper


This is the second month that I'm taking part in the Sewing Room Sew along at

This month it's thimble keepers/cases. Here's mine. It's meant for a thimble.

But I use it mainly to keep my small notes of paper in a safe place where I can find them.

You could even make a set of them and use them as napkin holders.

This next one I made back in December 2011 so don't know if it will count but here goes anyway. Excuse the photos, it was before I bought my new camera.


~ Maria ~


  1. LOL I love your bonus use of the little thimble keeper - what a hoot! Great circle pouch too - love polka dots :D

  2. Hahhaha this is SO cute! I love how you found another purpose for it.


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