Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Snazzy Slouch Bag

This is the new re-vamped Snazzy Slouch bag pattern by Christine Welsh. When the original pattern came out a few years ago if I'm not mistaken, I was fortunate to have been on the testing team for it. Now Christine has made the pattern even better, if that's possible, her patterns are wonderful and again I was able to test it.

The perfect size to just grab and go with loads of pockets to keep everything organized.
Finished size = Approx. 36cm (14”) X 20cm (8”) X 7.5cm ( 3”)

Here's mine made in upholstery fabrics. The plain fabric is also waterproof so if it should rain stuff won't get wet.

It features an adjustable strap.

Two large slip pockets on the front

and the back. These are great for keeping your cell phone and keys handy.

For extra security there is a main zipper closure.

Inside there are 4 slip pockets on the sides of the bag and in the center there is a dividing zipper pocket.

I added stitching to either side of my bottom, or rather my bag bottom LOLL

Fantastic design and if you hurry you can get a 20% discount by going HERE and using the code revampit in the shopping cart. This offer will expire at midnight July 31st EST and please note the code is only valid on Christines website HERE.

Make sure to check out Christine's post all about the Snazzy Slouch bag and see all the other wonderful test bags HERE

Lastly for those of you who are nuts about Christine's bags there is a Facebook group for her bags which you can join HERE and we often have sewalongs so come and join the fun.

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bags Big & Small

Since coming back from Spain I have been trying to do some testing and also supply the shop with more bags. I needed to make a bag that was quick and simple to make and would be fairly cheep.
While in Spain to keep myself busy I made some crochet flowers, nothing fancy just some practice and wanted to add them to my bags so I decided on the Phoebe Bag which is a free tutorial that can be found HERE.

I had made the Phoebe years ago in it's original size but this time wanted it larger so I altered the pattern and this is what I came up with.

I used pleather and embellished it with my little crochet flowers.

I love this snail shell bead.

I originally used green ribbon for the flower stalks that came down the bag so it looked like a bunch of flowers but didn't like it so took off the ribbon and did some hand stitching instead.

I love the pink lining.

Looking to make things even more simple and quicker I decided that on the next two I would make the larger size but not add the darts at the bottom which left the bag flat but I think it worked well and I added some thin batting to give it a soft feel. I also added a pocket for a cell phone.

Bright orange lining to tie in with the front pocket.

Same bag, different fabric for the pocket

and lining.

These were so quick to make.  I went and bought more denim fabric to make more but I want to embellish them differently although I suspect these will go well because of the cell phone pocket on the outside.

This morning I also made six open wide zippered pouches designed by Anna at Noodlehead. Love this pattern, I made the medium size bag.

The large floral ones are from upholstery fabric and didn't need any interfacing. The other three did as I used quilting cotton.

These were made a few days ago.

And last of all were four cell phone pouches I made for the shop. I love this floral fabric.

One other bag I made a couple of days ago was a test bag that I can't wait to show you. Designed by the amazing Christine Welsh, her patterns are amazing and this particular one has been revised as the original didn't have pattern pieces. Now it does which makes it quicker to make. I like quick and easy.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Sewing.

~ Maria ~

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Sloan Travel Bag

Back in February I tested the Sloan Travel Bag for Sara of Sew Sweetness and I'm late in posting about it as I was in Spain and only had my cell phone to work from, so here it is now.

I was delighted with this bag. I loved how big it was and also liked the fabrics I chose for it. I was worried the orange may be a bit bright but it worked fine.

This bag would be great to use as an overnight bag but could also be used as a laptop bag with loads of room for extras, or as a diaper bag.

The bag is plain on the back but if you are skilled at making bags and comfortable with zippers you could add another pocket here too.

 The Sloan Travel Bag features a 3-dimensinal front pocket.

Everything kept safe with a recessed main zipper.

And I love all the pockets on the inside. One zipper pocket and four slip pockets.

The pattern also includes an elastic key strap in the lining which you can't see on mine because I didn't make one.

The pattern called for padded handles but I just made mine as I would for all my bags without the padding but it would be a good idea to make them that way if you are going to stuff your bag as it can get heavy and the extra padding would be kind on the shoulders.

Love the side pockets, very useful for keeping a cell phone handy or some tissues.

Finished Size: 18” long x 14” tall x 6” deep.

If you'd like to buy the pattern you can get it HERE and if you'd like to see photos of the bags made by the other testers then go HERE.

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Glad To Be Back

It's been such a long while since I've posted that it's kind of hard to get back into the habit now but I've missed all of you and your words of encouragement.
So much has been going on from sewing as a business which has been hard work but fun at the same time to having to leave it all behind to visit my dad in Spain who was ill, I was away for a month and a half and managed to spend the first two weeks of that time with my dad before he passed away. Now back home it's time to catch up again and start to pick up from where I left off but first of all I want to say a big thank you to all of you that wrote to me and gave your support while I was away. You are amazing people who have made this tough time so much easier to get through.

So now what to show you. I really don't know where to start as I've made so many things and to be honest my photos are all jumbled up. I managed to put together a collage of all the Open wide Zippered Pouch's I've made since just before March and I was surprised at how many there were. These were made using a free tutorial by Noodlehead which you can find HERE.

I also made quite a few Fallon Bags designed by Karis at CloBird Designs. The pattern has a zipper closure but I simplified it and left it out. You can also make it with a zipper pocket but again for speed and simplicity I made a couple of slip pockets.
This is a very easy bag to make and also very versatile which you can adapt to suit your needs, the pattern also has instructions for two sizes and two strap options and you can buy it from Craftsy HERE.

I also made some test bags before I went to Spain so will have to search for the photos and show you those. Hope you'll stick around now I'm back.

~ Maria ~