Sunday, November 20, 2011

Projects in progress

Just thought I'd let you see what I'm getting up to. LOLL
This is how I stay out of trouble.
I've just finished sewing together these four Dresden Plates but not sure how I will use them just yet.

 It's the first time I've attempted making them and am following a tutorial over at


I've also been thinking of Christmas and wanted to make some decorations so started off with these two Felt Ogee Ornaments.


 I found the tutorial at

 And the inspiration for these I found quite by chance at

The blog belongs to Maria Isabel and she is a very talented young lady.
Ok, I'm off to make more of these, before you know it will be time to start decorating.

Happy Sewing

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Link to Wallet

Hi everyone.
Seems that there is a wallet very similar to mine on the internet that you can buy or should that be mine similar to hers LOLL after all she did make hers first. Since many of you showed such an interest in mine I thought maybe you would like to check it out. Could be a while before I get to do a tutorial.
Here's the link to the wristlet.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pen Bag

Back in April of this year my daughter asked me to design a bag that would hold 40 large colouring pens. She wanted to be able to wear it across her body, leaving her hands free to carry other things. She also asked that all the pens have a separate slot and that it should have pages like a book. Not asking for much is she. LOL
I searched the internet desperately trying to find a pattern but to no avail. I had no choice but to design one myself.

The fabric was given to me by my MIL and she told me that it was hand woven 50 years ago. WOW!!! gives new meaning to the word stash. LOLLL

This is what I came up with and she was delighted with it. Phew!!!!!!!!

I used Velcro on the side flaps to hold the pens in place securely when the bag was closed



Last few days I've been pretty busy trying to make my own pattern for a concertina wallet. I finally managed to do it. This is my second design. The first was for a pencil bag for my daughter who is studying Textile and Fashion Design at Uni. I'll post pictures of that one later.
It measures 9' x 5.5" x 1.5" and is plenty big enough for money, keys and a cell phone. Possibly some make-up too.

The inside has 5 compartments

A zipper pocket

Three card slots

It was great fun and a challenge making this concertina wallet. I had wanted to make a tutorial but got stuck halfway through due to alterations I had to make but I will keep trying to write one and hopefully will have a freebie tutorial in the future. I wish that part was a easy as the sewing.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


This evening hubby came come with a present.
Some hubbies will bring home a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers. Not mine look what I got.

I opened up the knot and found loads of large pieces of upholstery fabric. Large enough for two or three bags and best of all it's free.
He knows someone who upholsters furniture. The ones he brings home are the old fabric that was on the furniture. It still has the staples around the edge. I'll remove them give it a good wash and then sew it up into something useful.
The Olivia Bag that I posted earlier started off like this too.
So a big hug to hubby for my present, not only was it free fabric but he was thinking of my figure too. LOLLL

Getting Ready For Christmas

Not long till Christmas now so I decided to start making things.
This table runner I made for myself. It's the most adventurous quilting I've done to date and am really pleased with the result.

This is the reverse side.
I also made a couple of small wall hangings from my scraps. One for me and another for my friend.

I read somewhere that quilters were crazy because they bought fabric only to cut it up into small pieces and sew it together again to make another piece of fabric. LOLL I suppose they were right but you wouldn't be able to buy fabric like this off the bolt. LOL


Hi to my new followers.
How nice to wake in the morning, open up my blog and find 8 new followers. Welcome to all of you and thanks for joining me here.

It's been a good day all round so far. New followers and more fabric for my stash.
I was in town this afternoon and just by chance came across these.
I particularly like this one
The one below is the wrong side. Looks pretty too.

Now I just have to wash and iron them and decide what to make with them.


Hello again.
I'm just starting to get the hang of this so before I forget what I'm doing I'll make another post. LOL

This is another bag I made from ChrisW Designs, it's the Olivia Bag. I made this one for my mum when I went to visit her in Spain in the summer. She was over the moon with it.

My first post

Ok, here goes. This is my first post so don't really know how it will work out.
A few days ago I finished testing out the Savannah Messenger Bag for Christine at ChrisW Designs. I really love the way it turned out. Her pattern was very easy to follow with loads of pictures which is just what I like. I'm useless at just following instructions.
You can find the link to her bag to the left of my blog.
Here are some photos of the bag I made using her pattern.

Sorry for the quality of my photos. They were taken with my cell phone. Need to invest in a proper camera.