Friday, February 28, 2014

February In Pictures

Another month over and although it started off a bit slow it wasn't all that bad after all. I had hoped to get a lot more done but guess there's always March to do catch up.

For those of you that missed the original post I made two patchwork bags. If you look closely enough you'll see the slight difference.

~ Maria ~

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ending February With A Couple Of Wallets

I finished making these a couple of days ago and wanted to post them here before February finishes. Where does the time go.

I love this floral one. The fabric was chosen from my stash by a customer who also bought the floral wallet and makeup bag shown in my blog header. The photo doesn't show the bits of glitter in the fabric. It's very subtle.

This one I like just becasue it has blue in it.

At the moment I'm working on a couple of table runners that are a custom order once those are finished I'll be able to sew some things that I want to do. I'm way behind on my sew alongs and also the Bags of the Month, speaking of which, I tested the next Bag of the Month but couldn't show that in February so that will come in March. All in all it's been a pretty productive month in the end.

Something else happened in February that had me so excited I thought I would burst. Just lately I've been entering giveaways. I've never won anything in my life so when I got an email to say I'd won something I thought it was spam LOLLL  Sure enough though I did win something and I'm waiting for it to arrive before I show it to you. It's so cute.

~ Maria ~

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Patchwork Bags With Matching Wallet

After a slow start to February I'm now getting used to going to the gym and not coming back completely whacked. In fact quite the opposite, I'm full of energy and raring to go.

Friday I did the Spring cleaning in my sewing room becasue I just couldn't bare the mess any longer. On Saturday a customer came round to pick up a patchwork bag I'd made for her.

She went away and about an hour later phoned me to say she'd gone to visit her friend who saw her bag and wanted one as well as a wallet to match. With so much still to do and so little time to do it in I quickly set about making another one and a wallet and finished them yesterday. Pretty quick but I must admit that yesterday we had leftovers for lunch so it meant that I was able to sit and sew from morning till evening.

This is the wallet.

And this is the second bag. The same but with slight differences. The fabrics are the same but came out different in each block.

I used a plastic zip instead of the metal zip because I didn't have the brass coloured zip ends to match.

The back is also slightly different. I used brown stripes either side of the center panel because I'd finished the one like on the first bag.

Both bags had these cute roses embroidered on them.

Today I finished making two more wallets that had previously been cut out so I'll be showing you those tomorrow or the day after.

February is turning out to be quite productive after all.

~ Maria ~

Friday, February 21, 2014

Patchwork Wallet

Well it's been a very quiet February on the sewing front, the reason being that I started going to the gym in the mornings three times a week and by the time I get home and showered I have to start making the lunch. Since I was so unfit it took it out of me completely so a two hour nap was called for in the afternoons. After waking from that I'd make a cup of tea and then have to start thinking about what to make for dinner. Then by the time that was over with I was too exhausted to sew.

I'm now getting used to exercising. I no longer need my nap in the afternoons LOLL which means I have a little extra time to sew.

This wallet was for a girl who asked me to make one for her. I had the fabric which is one of my cheaters patchwork fabrics, no piecing to do. Sorry the photos aren't very good but I was in a rush to leave the house to post it to her.

I used a very pale pink for the inside.

Before making this purse I did do a test bag but can't show you that one until after the 1st March when the pattern will be released. You'll be surprised at the colour I used, it's completely different from my usual browns. Liz from Moments will love it so if you know Liz that's a clue for you.

I finished a patchwork bag for a customer which I'll be showing you in a couple of days time.

Yesterday my sewing room was in such a mess that I just couldn't stand it any longer so as soon as the patchwork bag was finished I got to work on spring cleaning. I practically emptied my room, cleaned and dusted, tidied and organized and put everything back in again. My fabric was in such a state with customers coming round and pulling out samples to choose from but everything looks great now and I'm ready to start again.

My next project will be two table runners. I'm off to wash the fabrics now. I don't do this with all fabrics but some of these are cottons and have been told by the fabric store that they will shrink.

Hope some of you are having a more productive February than I am.

Happy Sewing.

~ Maria ~

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christmas Came Late

On the 1st February as I was going to bed at 1.30am I checked out of the window to see this.

I was so delighted that I got my camera and went outside to take photos.

This is the main street in front of the house.

I went to bed hoping to be able to make a snowman in the morning and was woken by my son shaking me gently to tell me there was snow. It reminded me of when we were in the UK and the kids were little, they'd come in to our room on Christmas Day to let us know Santa had been LOLL. Difference is my son is now 22 and it's not Christmas.

Morning view second day.

Just enough for my snowman which I promptly made but unfortunately my son ran him over when turning in the driveway.
The power went that day and so did the heating, water, telephone, all cell phones and internet. It was no longer any fun.
 We had enough wood to burn for a couple of days and then that ran out and we had to collect snow and melt and boil it to use for cooking and washing. Our lighting was a couple of candles.

Third day I went out to take photos.

The neighbours had made a cute snowman.

The snow still came

I left my son to do the shoveling while I went out to take photos.

This is me

Someone made an igloo.

This is across the main street from me. We live by the sea and I'd never seen snow on a beach before.

This was yesterday after still more snow.

 Luckily yesterday power and all services had been restored and I had a much needed shower. 
That seems to be the end of the snow so now it's time for the cleanup.
I think February is going to be the slowest month when it comes to sewing but I'm looking forward to cleaning up everywhere so I can make a start again.

~ Maria ~