Saturday, April 19, 2014

Craft Fair Collection

Yesterday was another busy day making small projects for my daughter who is going to sell some things at the craft fair.

Here's my contribution.

I saw these somewhere on the internet quite a while ago but can't remember where. There was no tutorial but you really don't need one. Its just circles of fabric cut out, layered on top of each other with a button in the middle. So quick to make and make pretty key fobs.

The most fun part of making these was being able to sew as wonky as I liked.

I also made more zippy key fobs. These are so addictive and today I even made a longer version for my sunglasses.

Here's all the key fobs together.

And I'm also giving her the tissue holders. I'm now way, way behind on my orders as well as the Bag of the Month which I've only made one of but it was so much fun making these. Today was spent doing some much needed cleaning which has made me feel much better already but there's still more to be done tomorrow. Housework is never ending.

I think tomorrow in between doing the cleaning I may just pop into my sewing room to make a few more of the denim circle key fobs.

Just in case anyone comes across this post and missed the last you can find the tutorial for the zippy key fobs HERE and the tissue holders HERE.

Hope you're all having as much fun as I am.

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~


  1. I'm busy working on preparing Easter lunch for between 13 and 17 family members - we're not sure how many will show up, so of course I have to be prepared for the larger number! I'm almost done baking, but have a lot more cleaning to do. You know how it goes - people don't stay in one room - they wander around, so you have to clean whatever rooms they might visit, LOL. I use this family get-together as my kick in the pants to get spring cleaning done!

    Your key fobs and tissue holders are cute - I love the bright fun colours, and I think your daughter's customers will as well :) Housework will wait (unless you have company coming really soon) - sometimes we need to work on something fun!

  2. I hope your daughter sells them all at the fair Maria. They look so colorful all grouped together too. Thanks for adding your links to my Weekend Link Party and my Weekend Link Party button too, :0) Hopefully more will join in.

  3. You're quite productive! The little pouches are so cute and useful. I'd like to have one of them! I'd buy one for sure.

  4. wow so many thing, you daughter is going to sell every thing for sure, they are beautiful

  5. There are all pretty. Let's hope they sell well.

  6. I unfortunately was unable to take care of my blog, home, family, my parents .... I'm happy to be here ... you brought me the inspiration I needed, watch your creations light up my day! Hopefully your daughter can get lucky and make sales! Thanks for the inspiration, your creations are adorable...your bloggy friend:)

  7. What a talented lady you are!!!!! I will be following you!! :) Nancy

  8. I used to make little zipper pouches for friends when I was in high school! That was many years ago. Ha-ha! These as key fobs are awesome!


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