Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tohoku Bag & Showoff Bag

This isn't the first Tohoku Bag I've made but its a nice easy bag to make so made another.

and this next one has got to be the easiest and quickest bag ever to make up. It's the Showoff Bag which I made in about 3 hours.

I made this one with upholstery fabric. It's quite large and a wonderful bag to carry. The pattern only had one pocket which I didn't think was enough so I made four.

I still have more things to show you so keep looking.

~ Maria~


  1. I love your bags and that camera is fabulous! I really like the little boxy pencil case .. I'd toyed with making one of those but just never did .. I should. :) Toby

  2. I love your bags,you did a beautiful job, Maria I have to say that visit your blog is always inspiring. Thank you !!!

  3. One of the first bags I made was the Tohoku Tote bag. Yours looks great! Beautiful fabric choice for the Showoff Bag...


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