Saturday, June 30, 2012

HST Blocks

I was feeling like giving the bag making a rest for a bit and decided to buy some fabrics to match up with some of my stash and make some blocks. Sounds easy enough but not for me. Choosing fabrics is so difficult. I just can't visualize how it will look when sewn up. Then there was the problem of which block to make. I haven't done a lot of quilting in the past so anything I tried would have been pretty new to me. After many hours of searching I decided on some HST blocks. I made three and then got fed up and moved on to some UFO's. More about those in a while.

Here are my fabric choices.

There was white also which isn't in the photo and here is what I made with some of the fabrics.

Each block measures 12" x 12" and was thinking of making a quilt for my bed but I know that is just not going to happen. My attention span is too short so I may have to settle for a table runner. LOLLL I don't know where I'll go from here so they'll get put to one side for the moment while I finish off some other projects. I'm sure something will come to me eventually just like the Dresden plate blocks I made back in November 2011. LOLLL Yes it took me that long to figure it out. LOLLL

These are the blocks I made back then using scraps I had.

Sorry about the quality of the photos. Back then I had to use my cell phone because I didn't have the nice camera I have now.

Well finally today I took the first block and made a table topper with it.

I took this photo this evening so it could be better. Tomorrow I want to tackle the other Dresden block then I'll take photos in natural light. Hopefully they'll come out better.

This is the fabric I used for the back

And lastly today we had rain YAYYYYYY!!! after some very hot and humid days. Unfortunately it won't last long so I'm enjoying it for the moment. Seems like I'm not the only one. I caught a shot of the dove that belongs to our neighbour, he was giving himself a nice clean. Made me want to run out into the garden with my soap and shampoo. LOLLLLL

One more picture. This was taken from my daughters bedroom.

Aren't they just beautiful.

~ Maria ~


  1. That reminds me...I bought an EZ Dresden ruler. I must dig that out and give it a whirl. Yours look lovely :)

  2. I just bought an EZ Dresden ruler today and I'm looking forward to trying it out. I was intimidated at making enough for a full quilt, so I will probably copy your idea to make just one into a table topper, at least to start with. I love the way you quilted yours, too.

  3. Maria, I love your Dresden plate blocks, is something that one day I will try to do. I also liked to see the blocks you've created, it is amazing how by moving these blocks you can create interesting shapes, thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Your work is amazing!

  4. I like the Dresden Plate too and have made a few. Just a hint, one of my blocks for the Red, white, & Blue blog hop is a Dresden Plate. My blog is scheduled the last day of the hop on July 16th.


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