Thursday, October 10, 2013

Patchwork Bags

I finished making these two patchwork bags for a couple of customers a few days ago and have only just had time to post them here. I'm nearly finished making another three ladies wallets that were also ordered by one of the ladies. If I can finish them tonight I'll post them to my blog tomorrow.
These two are slightly different in size. The one on the left I used 5" blocks and the other 4" blocks.

I don't enjoy hand stitching at all but I love making these cute little flowers.

This is the back of the patchwork bags.
I bought the fabric in the UK years ago and used part of it to make curtains for my sewing room. The ladies loved it and asked if I could include it in the bags.

I've also finished making a test bag for Sara of SewSweetness which I should be able to show you some time after the 13th October and am about to start another test bag for Sara tomorrow.
Happy sewing to all of you, gotta run.
~ Maria ~


  1. Great bags Maria! Wow Sara sure does design a ton of bags. I am looking forward to seeing the bag you made testing Sara's pattern(s).

  2. Gorgeous bags - reaffirming my love of patchwork, and increasing my love of bead or embroidered embellishment - especially those embroidered (or whatever that technique is called) flowers!

  3. Hi Maria,
    wonderful bags! I love this zipper inside! i never tried.... but I should, it looks so good!
    Happy sewing to you and a happy day,

  4. They look great Maria...I love the red in the patchwork ! ;-)
    Your little roses are perfect !!!
    I am still amazed how you get your topstitching so straight...yesterday I ripped out a seam 3 times before I got it right !! LOL

  5. Great looking bags! Love the embellishments! They make each bag unique!

  6. Maria, I can see that you're working hard, and you are doing wonderful things!!! These patchwork bags are just beautiful. I really like the combination of colors. As always you did a beautiful job ... thanks for the inspiration :)


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