Tuesday, October 7, 2014

For The Olive Shop

Nearly one week of sewing like a mad woman produced this little lot. These are now in the Olive shop that I showed you in this post HERE.

Eight gift bags, twenty fabric baskets, ten sets of six coasters and four mobile pouches and two hearts.

I can't believe I actually sat and made sixty coasters. I was getting a bit bored after less than half and my daughter suggested that I listen to music. So I got out my mobile phone, plugged in the headset and played some fast music, amazing how quickly they got done although I did get a bit carried away listening to the music and sewed over stitching that had already been completed several times.

Don't think I could do all these again in a hurry.

These mobile pouches are really easy and I'll be doing a tutorial for these and the coasters after I had some interest on a FB group I'm on.

The gift bags were super easy too so I'll be showing you how I made these too.

After all that sewing I took a day off and then made this one. Much easier and quicker to make than the other ones I made so will be making more of these in the floral fabric.

Somewhere on Pinterest they were showing how to make these pretty bows with a fork. So cute and easy and they come out perfect every time.

Today I finished making a Boxy Bag. I did it as a review for someone who's patterns I've never seen before but I won't give any more away until tomorrow. Hope you come back then.

I'll be off to visit my daughter again soon so looks like I'm in for another crazy week of sewing before I go.

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~


  1. WOW.........................you busy Bee! Wonderful work Maria! Did you sew day and night ???
    Happy sewing,

  2. Your work is so beautiful, Maria!! I was looking at the gift bags and your row of lace is placed exactly the same on each one--this is amazing!! :) Now you know what I sew like :)
    Your fabric is gorgeous, can you tell me the name of it?

  3. Oh, Maria. You think that is a "little lot"? I know how monotonous it can be to sew so many of the same things in a row but 60 coasters is beyond me! Everything is so beautiful. You know how I've been into pink lately. I absolutely love that red bowl!


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