Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Happy Bag Review

I made this bag the last week of December and I'm delighted too share it with you now.

The Happy Bag is the design of Rahimah at Imazzpatterns. Do you remember the Paris Clutch I posted about HERE, well that was her design too. This is the second of Rahimah's patterns I've tried and I love them. The patterns are so easy to follow with well written instructions and loads of photos.

I get to test a lot of different style bags and most of them are quite involved so it's really nice to try out a really simple one. This bag is perfect for a beginner and is quick to make.

In the pattern there is the addition of a button in the center of the top plain band but I left it out. I'm just thinking I could make a fabric flower pin in the floral fabric so there's a choice of using it or leaving it plain.

The name Happy Bag came from the smiling pocket on the front of the bag which is really big and perfect for keys, cell phone and anything else you want to be able to find quickly.

Also in the pattern the handles for the bag are made with the floral fabric on the outside and the plain on the inside but I did mine with the floral inside. I also decided to quilt my bag in these wavy lines.
The body of the bag is made from a thin denim fabric but if you used a thicker one it would work perfectly.

I bought this fabric to make hearts for Valentine's Day and love it. I thought it would be nice for the lining too. The bag has no zippers and inside a slip pocket divided in two. Perfect for beginners or those that have problems sewing them in. The bag does have a magnetic button closure which I left out.

I love this fabric. It's from my collection of fabrics I bought back in October when I was visiting my daughter.

And there you have it. A quick and easy stylish bag that is the perfect size for taking out shopping. The finished measurements are approx. : Height : 14 1/2 inches ( 37 cm ) Width : 13 1/2 (34 cm )
and you can use so many different fabrics for different looks. Perfect for a beginner as are all of Rahimah's patterns which you can find HERE, but great for the advanced bag maker because you can do so much with this bag like add a zipper pocket inside, a main zipper closure and you could even add a smaller smiley pocket on top of the existing front one in the plain fabric. The back of the bag is plain so you could add an external zipper pocket there. You can really go to town with this bag or just take it easy and make it as it is.

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~


  1. Another great bag, Maria. Love the fabrics. I have some denim in my stash that I need to use. It looks great.

  2. Great looking bag! I agree, sometimes it is nice to make something simple. Love the foral fabric-denim combo.

  3. Love the wavy quilting on the denim in the contrasting thread Maria! Such beautiful lining fabric and the other floral fabric too. I like the idea of using a flower pin that you can take off or pin on when you want to.

  4. thanks for the review, Maria!
    a usual you made bags way prettier than me, and i am so grateful for that. the bag is a simple project that opens to many ideas. it is meant for those who are looking for a simple bag that can be completed in less than 2 hours - but still look pretty !

    i love all your creations, Maria. they are so adorable!

  5. I absolutely love the design of the front of that bag - it's the best looking pocket I've ever seen - nicer than a square pocket or a pocket stitched in between two straps - that is a pocket made for looks AND for function - very impressive! Nice fabrics too :D

  6. Beautiful bag, Maria! All details are great and it's perfect for spring! Lovely fabrics! Congrats!
    Happy Week!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  7. Great Tote Bag. You always make them look beautiful with the details you add on.

  8. Lovely bag! Love the quilting and the denim combo with a nice soft floral!

  9. This bag is lovely, and those wavy lines give to the denim a great touch


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