Saturday, February 21, 2015

Craft Fair Sewing

Hi again. This is a photo heavy post so if you plan on sticking around you might want to grab a cuppa before you start.

Here is my latest collection for the craft fair. It took just under a couple of weeks to put together. It wore me out but it's so nice to see them all together now. I want to keep the lot.

I made these using the Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial by Noodlehead which you can find HERE. The tutorial gives three different sizes. I used the medium size and it's pretty big. I sure don't have enough makeup to use this size, the smaller one would suit my needs and the large one must be huge, I guess you could use it to hold brushes and hair products when going away. It would be great to have all three sizes for different needs.

After making the five above and taking the final photos at the top I finished off another two.

I love the pink and grey.

Next up was 28 key holders using the tutorial by Dog Under My Desk HERE.

In between sewing for the craft fair I also had a custom order to complete for The Happy Bag by Imaz Zaman which you can find HERE. 
This is the second one I've made. The first one didn't have a zipper closure and the lady that saw it asked if I could make one exactly the same but with a zipper. 
I love this bag. It's very easy to make, great for a beginner.

This kind of recessed zipper is so easy to add to any bag pattern.

Inside there are two slip pockets. You could add another two to the other side or even a zipper pocket.

Custom order out of the way it was time to get back to the craft fair sewing.
I love making these. Another easy and quick make. These are made using the Reversible Lunchtime Pouch by Projects by Jane. You can find the pattern on CRAFTSY or ETSY.

This is the reversible side.

Last of all but by no means least are these Sanitary Towel Holders which sell really well here.
These are designed by Yasemin who blogs over at Nachnuch. Yasemin very kindly gave me the measurements for these and sewing them up was easy. You can also see Yasemin's lovely creations on her FB page HERE.

Here's 29 of them. There is one left to make. I have to unpick the end of it becasue I forgot to add the elastic closure. Some of you will be laughing saying 'ahah she made a mistake' LOL, I'm allowed one mistake out of all of these surely.


Next on my list is a custom order for a Necessary Clutch Wallet and another Reversible Lunchtime Pouch like the ones above but this one has to be in a black fabric for and evening bag. 

See you soon and thanks for making it to the end of this post.

~ Maria ~


  1. Wow! So much in such a short period of time. Have a great craft fair. I hope you sell everything.

  2. I am very impressed by both the quantity and quality of the items you made in such a short time. Wishing you lots of sales at the craft fair!

  3. I am breathless from just looking at those photos. I cannot imagine of the endless hours you spent in order to have this. i wonder where the energy come from, maria? - because I desperately need some! Btw, the happy bag is looking great with zipper!
    I wish you great sales at the craft fair!

  4. Wow you were busy!!! I just got my machine back from repair and now I need to catch up with all my sewing. Hope you sell everything you made.

  5. What a lovely array of goodies. It must be satisfying to look at all of your hardwork finished. I love the photo of everything together, its such a feast for the eyes.

  6. Great Collection. Everything looks beautiful. I know about those kind of "mistakes". You just get over confident and voilá! LOL. I hope you sell all plus some orders.

  7. Wow Mia you have been busy! I have wished and even tried a few sell my crafts at shows etc...and have never been sucessful but that is wonderful that you have been able to make it happen! Good luck to you I hope everything sells!

  8. Good usual! Oh my, I've taken a screen shot of where you admit to having made a mistake, just in case no one believes me hehe


  9. Just busy Bee Maria!
    Wonderful stuff!
    Happy new week to you,

  10. You amaze me...I cannot believe how much you produce and so GORGEOUS!!! I actually may have to dust off my sewing machine.

  11. All, all, all you've done is beautiful Maria !! I really like the presentation of all your creations in the first pictures. The pouches are divine! I like the combination of fabrics you used, love it! I like the design of the Happy bag :) Thanks for letting us discover a new designer.
    Good luck in your craft fair !!!
    All you have done is just BEAUTIFUL !!!!
    Marisa, from

  12. Hello, I am popping back for another drool. You haven't disappointed. Such lovely things....... all of them

    1. Thanks Cherie that's so sweet of you. Hope you'll keep coming back.

  13. Wow you have been busy!!! xx

  14. Nice collection of pretty little things! Maria, what is that metal little piece you used for finishing the zippers? It looks more professional than any fabric zipper tab. Thank you.


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