Saturday, December 5, 2015

#2 Brandts Boulevard In The Easy Street Range by Christine Welsh

Yesterday I showed you the first in the Easy Street Range by Christine Welsh at ChrisW Designs HERE. Today I want to show you the second.

I love wallets even more than bags so was thrilled to bits when this one came in for testing and it has proven to be a winner with my customers. I sold the one I tested a few hours after it was made got an order for another one then followed by another order for a third. I ran out of locks for the wallet and only had the larger ones which one customer said was ok but another two are waiting till I get hold of the smaller locks.

Here's my Brandts Boulevard Wallet, oh but before I show you I just want to tell you that these bags in the new range are being named after the testers. Isn't that cool!!!!! I can't wait to see the design for mine. Brandts Boulevard is named after tester Marilyn Brandt. She's an excellent tester and the maker of beautiful bags. Check out her blog HERE

Now let me show you mine.

I chose these fabrics becasue these are my favourite colours. I find it so calming to look at.

This easy to carry wallet has a detachable wrist strap and lock to keep everything safe.

 Inside there are loads of pockets, very typical of Christine's desings.

There is a zipper pocket for coins and behind that is a slip pocket then behind that is a padded pocket for your cell phone. On the opposite side is yet another very roomy pocket with an ID card pocket and 4 card slots.

Had to show you this photo as I must say I'm pretty impressed by my stitching LOLLLL

After making the first one I had a custom order for this one.

I had two of the smaller locks above so when the third custom order came I only had these larger ones but the customer said she liked it.
I now have another two custom orders but on the condition that the lock is the small one. I've ordered them but they still haven't arrived. Hope they send the right ones.

This wallet is going to be a winner. It's quick and easy too make so perfect for craft fairs. If you didn't read yesterdays post about Abby's Alley then shame on you LOLLLL you'll miss out on the good deal. Here are the details again.

You can buy the pattern HERE for $6.95, great deal!!!!!!!! Abby's Alley is also $6.95 and if you buy them both together you get them for $13.00 better still if you've signed up for Christine's newsletter you'll see a code that will give you a further 20% discount. Haven't signed up yet they go HERE and don't miss out.

Have fun sewing your Easy Street Patterns

 ~ Maria ~


  1. These are so beautiful, Maria. I love the lavender and I love that bigger lock.. And your stitching...I'm always impressed by that! It takes a confident person to use contrasting thread for topstitching. Thanks for mentioning and linking my blog.

  2. These are so beautiful, Maria. I love the lavender and I love that bigger lock.. And your stitching...I'm always impressed by that! It takes a confident person to use contrasting thread for topstitching. Thanks for mentioning and linking my blog.

  3. Such beautiful, neat stitching!!! I especially like the pink wallet with the rose design. Very pretty!

  4. Polka dots and floral fabric is always a winner. The mauve one, in particular is a stunning combination.

  5. So nice and sweet! Your stitching is spectacular. This is another great pattern from Christine. I just finished my first one yesterday.

  6. They're beautiful - like Marilyn, I actually like that big lock too! I'm too chicken to do topstitching in contrasting thread - my stitching can be wobbly and that's rarely a good look, lol. I can't wait to see your namesake pattern!

  7. These look so cute and feminine, even with the big lock! I can't wait to see the next ones you do!

  8. Love the purple. These are are cool wallets
    I'm gonna show my mom this weekend. It might be just what she wanted

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