Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pen Bag

Back in April of this year my daughter asked me to design a bag that would hold 40 large colouring pens. She wanted to be able to wear it across her body, leaving her hands free to carry other things. She also asked that all the pens have a separate slot and that it should have pages like a book. Not asking for much is she. LOL
I searched the internet desperately trying to find a pattern but to no avail. I had no choice but to design one myself.

The fabric was given to me by my MIL and she told me that it was hand woven 50 years ago. WOW!!! gives new meaning to the word stash. LOLLL

This is what I came up with and she was delighted with it. Phew!!!!!!!!

I used Velcro on the side flaps to hold the pens in place securely when the bag was closed



  1. Wow, Maria what a great job,absolutely beautiful. I love it. Thaks for sharing!!

  2. WoW! Maria, you are indeed clever!. Did you get a warm fuzzy glow when your daughter just loved it? she is a very lucky girl to have a Mama like you. Cheers..

  3. Wow .... Love the pen bag ,I think every student will need one at some point , love all your work,keep it up and good luck,

    Roxanna from Glasgow xxx :)

  4. You do beautiful work!! Merry Christmas to you!

  5. That is a great bag! You do to design! ; D (wink!) Great idea. Well done! thanks for sharing this link with me!


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