Saturday, November 12, 2011


This evening hubby came come with a present.
Some hubbies will bring home a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers. Not mine look what I got.

I opened up the knot and found loads of large pieces of upholstery fabric. Large enough for two or three bags and best of all it's free.
He knows someone who upholsters furniture. The ones he brings home are the old fabric that was on the furniture. It still has the staples around the edge. I'll remove them give it a good wash and then sew it up into something useful.
The Olivia Bag that I posted earlier started off like this too.
So a big hug to hubby for my present, not only was it free fabric but he was thinking of my figure too. LOLLL


  1. What a haul you got. Such pretty colors also. Ok now which one are you gonna attach and make??? LOL

  2. What a blessing!!! What a sweet husband!!!

  3. Guess they're good for something after all LOL


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