Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wall Bill Organizer

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.
I spent mine doing what I love the most, sewing. As hard as I tried to stay away for at least a day I just couldn't.
I finished my wall bill organizer yesterday and took photos but they were so bad I had to wait until today when the light would be better. Once again, terrible photos, probably because of where I'd hung it so I had to take it down and put it on the floor to photograph.
Anyway this is my first contribution to being a bit more organized in the New Year. We used to stuff all our bills into one bag before.
Realized too late that I should have made a fourth pocked for the water bills but there is enough space for the phone and water to share together. LOL

~ Maria ~


  1. I like the bill organizier. I was actually thinking of doing something similar to that for mail and christmas cards.


  2. That looks great. It's a super idea. I have to imagine you live frugally, and within your means, since I don't see a pocket for credit card bills! Good for you!


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