Saturday, June 9, 2012

Harvest Time

Ok this post has nothing what so ever to do with sewing but I was so excited this morning I had to post about it.
Back on 26th April after my Bella Bag post I showed you a photo of my runner bean seedlings. They had just sprouted in pots. Well I planted  them out into the garden and they grew and grew until finally I had my first crop three days ago. Every morning I find more to pick. I also planted cucumbers and for some reason they decided to flower like crazy but produced no cucumbers. Well this morning I found one ready for picking and four others hiding in the foliage which should be ready in a couple of days.

Ok, I know it's not exactly enough to be self sufficient but it's a fun hobby when I'm not sewing and I can tell you there's no better taste than beans picked from your own garden that have not been sprayed with anything artificial.

~ Maria ~


  1. Just stopping by to say Hi!... from Find a Friend Friday at Sew Many Ways.

    Garden fresh (no matter what size the garden) always tastes the best. Enjoy!

  2. Gotta start somewhere. You've got more of a garden than I have this year. Normally we have 3-4 clay pots of tomatoes with some peppers and some other veggie but David didn't want to mess with it this year at the new house but he's got a spot picked out for real garden. Small and no pots. I miss my home grown tomatoes.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. How wonderful! I'm trying to get a garden growing too, I haven't been able to harvest anything yet though :(


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