Thursday, July 5, 2012


After making a complete mess of my sewing room I just couldn't think with all the mess around me so decided it was time to tidy up a bit. Shame I didn't take some before photos, they would have made you feel so much better. LOLLL
First was my fabric stash that I have on shelves. It was a mess so that was the first thing. I have mostly home deco and upholstery fabric in my stash with just some cottons I use for quilting. I usually buy those as I need them.

There is still room for improvement but need to buy some more shelving.
Then came the turn of the pleather remnants that hubby is constantly bringing in for me from the upholsters. These are pieces left over from re-covered sofas. They were on a pile on my sewing room floor so it was time to think of how to store them. I don't like folding pleather because it leaves a fold mark so came up with this idea.

As you can see they are just rolled up and tied to some white garden mesh I happened to have lying around. The smaller pieces are rolled up and put in a plastic container. You can see them in the first photo.

Lastly was a design board. I wanted a really big one but didn't have anything on hand to make one so used an old wardrobe door which I covered in fleece. It's fine for the moment but I would love a much bigger one sometime in the near future. As you can see it's already covered with projects.

Still more jobs to do but just need more time. If anyone has worked out how to fit 48 hours into 24 I'd love to hear from you. LOLLL

~ Maria ~


  1. I love how you rolled your pleather - great way to store it, and no fold marks! Is your sewing room in a bedroom? You can hang fabric from hangers on the rod in the closet, if you have one in there!

  2. Good for you for cleaning up and organizing your sewing space. That's the hardest thing for me to do is keep my stuff organized. I like those little paper pieced blocks hanging on your design door. Do you have a plan for using them? Look forward to seeing what you make with those and the other blocks too.

  3. When you figure out how to fit that 48 into 24 let me know. Oh and how to survive and function in that 48. LOL
    Your room looked pretty nice mine looks like a bomb went off in it and I haven't completed any one project and some I haven't even started. oh woes is me. (sigh)


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