Monday, April 15, 2013

Fabric Pan Lid Steamers

Another part order completed. These are fabric pan lid steamers. Where I come from we eat rice nearly everyday.

 The bottom has batting.

The rice is parboiled, drained and then put back in the pan with a little oil and water in the bottom. The pan lid is put into one of these steamers and placed on the pan.While the rice cooks the steam collects in the fabric steamer so the water doesn't drip back into the rice.

These are fancy ones for the bride to be. I had never made any before so before making these I made one for myself as a test run. Good job I did too as the elastic I used went hard with the heat. I bought some different elastic, tried it again and it was fine so I was able to finish these. Good job I did a test run. It never occurred to me the elastic would stiffen.

I had some problems with my internet today so it's late now to make a start on the sew along bag being held by Bethany at Sweet Bee Buzzings but will make a start tomorrow.

~ Maria ~


  1. Now I know what pan lid steamers are - very useful - I always bang my lids on the counter or on the edge of the sink to knock off the water I don't want going back in the food :D Yours are definitely prettier, lol!

  2. Dear Maria,
    what a great idea and how nice made!
    Thanks for this good idea :O)
    Have a happy and sunny week,
    hugs to you,

  3. Who would have thought elastic would go hard?

    These are a great idea, I've never heard of them before. Do they just go in the washing machine after they're used then?

  4. Wow Maria those are beautiful and useful too. Love the flower touches. That was interesting about the elastic too. You would think since you wash things with elastic that there wouldn't be a problem with steam. Good thing you found that out!

  5. Very pretty...almost to pretty to use !
    Good idea !

  6. such a gorgeous idea. i never thought about doing something like this, so thank you for sharing!

  7. This is interesting! Do you think they work on bowls that you put into the microwave? Or is it best with rice?

  8. Hiya hun, did you use a pattern or you made it up as you went along? If you made it up, can I put a request in for a tute please? No rush, I have plenty to keep me busy in the mean time, but I'd be keen to know how to make these, as I love, love, love rice but sometimes have a terrible time cooking it so it doesn't turn out gluggy....your method sounds like even I could manage it (with better instructions than you've already given on this post hee hee) if I made some lid steamers!

    You've done a great job with them, and I'm sure the bride is gonna love them.


  9. oh wow, that's a fantastic idea!

  10. These are such a great idea Maria and look fantastic everything else you make! LOLL
    ChrisW Designs!


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