Friday, April 26, 2013

New Beginnings

In the next few days my friends daughter will be having a baby girl. The first grandchild of the family. They asked if I'd make the bedding for the new arrival and I was only too happy to oblige.
My friends daughter provided the fabric for two mattress covers in two sizes, two pillowcases and two bumpers.
One is for a small rocking crib that had to be finished first as this is the one the baby will be using initially.
She wanted the mattress to fit inside the cover rather than have a sheet or fitted sheet.

The closure is a strip of plastic poppers. Quick and easy to sew on.

This is the pillowcase.

And this is the bumper for the crib. Three pieces that are wider at the top than the bottom.
The crib and larger cot were both made by the grandfather of the baby and is beautiful. When the baby arrives I'll take photos for you to see.

Don't you just love the stitching. Thanks to my new heavy duty industrial sewing machine I was able to get perfect stitch length. The inside is stiff foam which I stuck to the fabric so I wouldn't get any puckers when stitching it and also it's easier to handle.

This is the mattress cover and pillowcase for the larger cot.

Next I have to sew the bumper for the large cot which is pink with hearts on it. This one will be big as it's going all the way around the cot and she want's it in four pieces.

My gift is a cot quilt and pillow set that I made. I'd like to post it but I'll have to wait until I've given it to her as she checks my blog. 

I'm also working on a test pattern for a wallet another test pattern will be coming in the next few days for a bag and so many other projects that I don't know if I'm coming or going so I'd best go and get a move on.

~ Maria ~


  1. Wonderful bedding for a baby :O)
    Have a happy weekend,
    big hugs

  2. Hi Maria, I'm so behind on my posts, the days have passed too quickly. I didn't want to miss one more day without coming to visit you at your blog. All your latest creations are sooooo beautiful, and this latest creation you've done for the baby, is stunning, you've done an amazing job.
    Congratulations for being featured on the blog of Pam, the bag you made is beautiful and deserved to be featured. I have not left comments on each posting, but I want you to know that I read them all. I always enjoy when I come to visit your blog!
    Have a nice day and thank you for the inspiration you always give us!!!!
    Marisa from

  3. GORGEOUS work as usual Maria! I want one of those industrial machines....LOVE that PERFECT stitching!!!!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww they're so pretty - imagine a sweet little baby laying her head on those :) Maybe mom will send a picture of baby in her crib or cot!

  5. oh they are just adorable!! love the fabric. I didn't think babies were supposed to have pillow though?


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