Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Sling Bag

It's been a busy month and I still have loads to do. So far this month I've tested three bags, this is the second one and it's by Samantha from At Home with Mrs H.
This is an easy bag that is ideal for a beginner to start with. I decided to make mine in pleather and being as I didn't have a piece large enough to make the bag I made it like a patchwork.

I left the back plain so that it could be turned around for a different look.

The inside has a couple of slip pockets and a zipper pocket. The instructions for the strap are for an adjustable strap or plain.
This bag is a perfect design to do as you please with. You can choose to make it in pleather like me or any other fabric. Marisa another of the testers made hers by using an old pair of jeans and Liz made hers out of Vinyl, how versatile is that and it's also easy to alter the size so if you want it bigger there's no problem enlarging the pattern. Make sure you check out the other testers bags over at Samantha's blog HERE. Oh and guess what, this pattern is FREE for everyone. Just go over to Samantha's Craftsy store HERE to download your copy or you can find the link at the bottom of Samantha's blog.

Thanks for letting me test your lovely bag Samantha.

~ Maria ~


  1. Oh. another Bag is done, my Dear :O)
    Looks great in leather! and well done with two differnts parts in front and back! Good idea!

  2. Love the pattern, love your bag, love the other ones that were posted too - that's a great design! The pleather looks great - I think it looks better patchworked than it would have looked plain!

  3. Maria the bag looks great in the pleather! I like the patchwork too. I almost made my test bag for Christine in a patchwork Ultra Suede. I made the crazy patch blocks while waiting for the pattern, but then I didn't make them large enough, so I decided on other fabrics. I will use the patchwork Ultra Suede in a different bag when I find the right style. Samantha must be saving your bag to show later because I didn't see it on her posting.

  4. That's a beautiful bag! It turned out wonderfully in the pleather fabric. The colors coordinate well together with each other and the nickel hardware. Nice work!

  5. I'm looking for the link for the free pattern of the beautiful patchwork sling bag.
    I want to use faux leather with the two colors. Its gorgeous!
    Thank you


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