Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christmas Came Late

On the 1st February as I was going to bed at 1.30am I checked out of the window to see this.

I was so delighted that I got my camera and went outside to take photos.

This is the main street in front of the house.

I went to bed hoping to be able to make a snowman in the morning and was woken by my son shaking me gently to tell me there was snow. It reminded me of when we were in the UK and the kids were little, they'd come in to our room on Christmas Day to let us know Santa had been LOLL. Difference is my son is now 22 and it's not Christmas.

Morning view second day.

Just enough for my snowman which I promptly made but unfortunately my son ran him over when turning in the driveway.
The power went that day and so did the heating, water, telephone, all cell phones and internet. It was no longer any fun.
 We had enough wood to burn for a couple of days and then that ran out and we had to collect snow and melt and boil it to use for cooking and washing. Our lighting was a couple of candles.

Third day I went out to take photos.

The neighbours had made a cute snowman.

The snow still came

I left my son to do the shoveling while I went out to take photos.

This is me

Someone made an igloo.

This is across the main street from me. We live by the sea and I'd never seen snow on a beach before.

This was yesterday after still more snow.

 Luckily yesterday power and all services had been restored and I had a much needed shower. 
That seems to be the end of the snow so now it's time for the cleanup.
I think February is going to be the slowest month when it comes to sewing but I'm looking forward to cleaning up everywhere so I can make a start again.

~ Maria ~


  1. much snow!
    Hope you all are well and everything is working again!
    Have a good rest of the week and take care!

  2. Wow!! That's super unusual for where you live, isn't it? We've been getting lots of snow, and today was an ice storm, but luckily our power didn't go.

  3. MY goodness !!!
    I don't remember that much snow since i lived in Canada !!
    You have us beat by a mile !!

  4. Amazing Maria all that snow you got!!! I love the photo of the ocean and snow because it seems so strange. Funny we got about 2 inches of snow Monday evening and by Tuesday afternoon most of it had melted. We sure needed some moisture here in the high desert. Have fun playing and making snowmen, lol!!!

  5. You're officially Canadian now, Maria, LOL!! How unusual is snow for you? I'm sure that amount is probably record-breaking, but how often would you (in your area) get it? We're in the tail end of another snowpocalypse (it started last night and seems to be moving away now, at mid-afternoon) - we've been hammered since before Christmas with strong winter weather. This winter has been unusual due to the amount of snow that has fallen, and the long periods of bone-chilling cold - we get cold and snow, but generally, not these obnoxious amounts, lol!

  6. Wow Maria! Poor you without power, water, etc. Here in Puerto Rico mostly everybody has water reservoirs specially for hurracaine season. Thank God you had some other way to warm yourselves up at least for a bit. Those pictures are great. It reminded me when we use to live in Pittsburgh in the States and we got 24" of snow in a blizzard. But that really looks much worse. Beach and snow?! Beach and coats!! That sounds really weird for me who live in the Caribbean. Sorry to say! I hope you had your share for a bit now and you keep yourselves warm. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  7. oh wow.. looks like I live, we just got hit by more snow yesterday but of course it is expected in Canada. We lost power for a day and a half right before Christmas due to an ice storm.. it was somewhat fun for that amount of time but longer like you had wouldn't definetly not been fun. Our stove is electric so no way of cooking, guess you have a gas one?

    thanks for sharing.. it will definetly be a time to remember.

  8. Wow I don't think I've ever seen snow on a beach at all and especially not that much. When I lived in Lincoln Nebraska they had a blizzard for the first time in 25 years. What a welcome to the state. Now I made it to Texas and this is the coldest and longest winter I can remember. Been in here over 25 years. Eewww I sound old now. Yikes. Couldn't get out of the 30's last week and this week it's gonna be 70-80. Bi-Polar weather for sure in Houston Tx
    Glad you stayed safe.


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