Saturday, April 5, 2014

Patchwork Drawstring Pouch

I've been wanting to make another one of these drawstring pouches for some time. I wanted to make it in pastel colours as opposed to the bright one I made HERE and I also wanted to make it as a patchwork instead of one fabric like the first one.

I'm really pleased with this one which I'll be giving as a gift to a very good customers daughter.

You can find the tutorial HERE. I made this one the same measurements as the tutorial but on the first one I increased the size by about an inch.

The tutorial just has patchwork on the front.

And plain on the back but you could patchwork it on both sides.


  1. This is a cute bag, Maria. Would be great to have around for little gifts.

  2. That's SOOOOO pretty - I love drawstring bags, but patchwork drawstring bags are the best :) Pretty fabrics, too - that would be a great bag for a baby or little girl gift!

  3. oh that's lovely! I like the fabrics, the fact they're all the same print but different colours

  4. Maria the fabric is so pretty and Spring colors. I have been needing to make a large enough drawstring bag for carrying my sandals in my carry on bag. Now should I do mine in patchwork or not? Lol!!


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