Monday, April 7, 2014

Strawberry Pincushion.

I've got a hundred and one things to do no time to do them in and I've lost my mojo.

I spent the whole of yesterday bored and did nothing then suddenly at 1am I decided I wanted to make some strawberry pincushions. These took no time at all and this morning I feel my mojo coming back.

I've been wanting some strawberry pincushions for ever, not to use as pincushions but just to hang in my sewing room becasue I think they're so pretty.

If you'd like to make some too you can find the pattern and tutorial HERE.

~ Maria ~


  1. Its not fair...even when you lose your still create beautiful things!!
    I, on the other hand an getting no sewing done....does spring cleaning the house count ??? LOL

  2. 12th Hour Creation/Motivation....Wonderful work~ xxoo

  3. I spent yesterday EATING strawberries (between our youngest son and I, we polished off a 2 pound container of strawberries snacking this weekend, lol) and you spent yesterday SEWING strawberries! I'm rather envious of your pretty productivity during those lack of mojo times that we experience!

  4. Perfect fabric! 1 AM ? No creativity for me at that time. I'm already in bed for 2 hours by then.

  5. Lovely Strawberries, Maria :O)
    Happy day and hugs,
    ...must go in the agrden , take pictures , sun is out ;O)

  6. Those strawberries are beautiful Maria! They make a nice decoration and pincushion too. Thanks for the link.

  7. Your strawberry pincushions turned out beautiful! It is great when motivation and creativity finally decide to show up, even if it is the middle of the night! Thanks for sharing.

  8. They are very nice, have a ncie day

  9. Your strawberries are so pretty... good enough to nibble on!


  10. Classicly perfect. I'd love to see you join link up with us at the Inspire Us Thursdays! link party at

  11. Hi Maria your strawberries are adorable!
    Hope you have a great day :)
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft


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