Monday, June 30, 2014

Chair Seat Cushions

I completed these quite a few days ago but have only just had the time to post them.

I make them for a furniture shop that also displays and sells my runners. They provide the fabric and foam and I just make them up.

I really don't like having to do all those ties.

One side is patterned and the other plain. Both sides can be used.

 My friends husband makes the furniture for his shop.

Time for bed for me. It's just past 1am and it's been a long day. I finished the quilt I was testing and can't wait to show that to you. I guess it will be a couple of weeks before I get to show that. I also have three bags to show you still.

Don't forget that tomorrow I'll be announcing the winner of my giveaway for the nickle zipper tabs and pouch so be sure to check back to see if you're the one chosen.

~ Maria ~


  1. Those are so nice!!! Last summer we bought 6 of those for our outside chairs on the patio. They were on sale for $30 a piece but are up to $70 a piece. As I always tell you, your sewing is beautiful. Not just because it is sewn, but your sewing looks so clean and crisp! It is a real talent!

  2. Very nice, Maria. I love these colors. Orange has really caught my eye lately. Just think of all of the posts you are going to have as things are released..I think the first one will be this week!

  3. Hi Maria,
    those are perfect!
    Happy new week to you!

  4. Maria, you are such a perfectionist! I wish you lived next to me!!!! Or me to you! I love your work. Sew inspiring!!! :) your pal, karen

  5. Those are beautiful cushions. I would hate to make the ties too, since there are 4 per cushion! Do you have any non slip latex material you can add to the back of the chair cushions instead of using ties? Go here to see the photos of some cushions that have latex on the back Of course they wouldn't be reversible, but those ties do tend to get ripped as you sit on them...just ask my hubby, LOL!!! He's destroyed plenty of cushion ties sitting on the chairs.

  6. Those are nice - I'm with you on the ties, though - what a PITA!

  7. I hate making ties too, though yours are so neat! Do you have a tube turner?


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