Monday, June 30, 2014

June In Pictures & The Giveaway Winner

Doesn't look like I've done much this month but actually it's been really busy.

I made another three bags and tested a quilt which I'm so proud of and can't wait to be able to show you. All of those will be shown next month when the patterns have been released.

For now though this is all I have to show you for June.
A round cushion for my tootsie in my sewing room, a little pouch as part of the giveaway,The Stow It All Tote I tested for Christine and four chair seat cushions for the shop.

Ok now for the Giveaway Winner. First of all thanks to everyone that entered. The winner was chosen by and is Wendy who left this comment.

Hi Maria, great giveaway, thank you! (and I won't mention the football)... My favourite colour is either blue or red, I really can't decide!

Wendy is one of my followers and is from the UK. In fact she lives in the same town I moved from nearly 20 years ago. What a coincidence.

Congratulations Wendy. I'll be emailing you so you can send me your snail mail addy.

Happy Sewing to all of you

~ Maria ~


  1. Your collage of what you did this month looks small but you are going to look like a real overachiever next month! I know how much you've done. Congrats to Wendy.

  2. Hi Maria,
    great collage :O)
    And Congrats ti the happy winner!
    Claudia .....must watch football now ;O)

  3. Congratulations Wendy...( boo hooo hoo for me ! ) LOL

  4. Congratulations, Wendy! How fun for you!

    Thank you, Maria, for holding the giveaway, and for making it so delightfully easy to enter! :)


  5. Thanks Maria, it's so exciting! I must have missed your post about the tootsie cushion.... though now I'm wondering if it's the same part of the body I'm thinking of... I think I need to make one to rest my heel on when sewing on the machine but wondering if yours is for your rear end! Did you ever tell me where in Notts you lived? I think you did but my memory is terrible at the moment.

  6. Congrats Wendy, lucky girl!!!

    I love your fabrics María, they are my colours LOLLL

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