Friday, November 21, 2014

Sexy Zippy Wristlet Pattern Review

I was over the moon to be doing a pattern review for Jane's Sexy Zippy Wristlet and even more so when she sent me the exact same fabric she used for her wristlet so I could make mine.

The fabric was gorgeous and it's nice to be able to compare the quality of fabric from other countries with fabrics I use.

Being as I was using the same fabric as Jane I decided to follow the pattern and make it without fleece which is what I would have done normally. I was delighted with the result but when I use my own fabrics I'm going to try it out with fleece to see how it works.

Just look at this wonderful 1970's fabric. My photos unfortunately don't do justice to the fabric as the lighting wasn't so great.

I made a couple of  Jane's patterns which you can see HERE and HERE and was really impressed with them. If you're thinking it's just a pouch there are tons of free tutorials out there then you're wrong. You won't find anything quite like Jane's patterns. There is so much detail like how to secure your stitching at the beginning and end of your stitch row. There's a diagram and instructions to show you how to do it and she explains about fabric selvages. She also shows clearly with photos and instructions how to put the paper pattern together and how to put it on your fabric to cut out.

I would definitely recommend Jane's patterns to anyone who is new to sewing she really makes it so easy and because she is so thorough even the experienced sewer would probably come across some new tips.

Along with this gorgeous fabric I also got some of these nice hooks for the strap.

When it came to making the zipper I noticed it was done slightly different than I normally do them. It's topstitched on the lining next to the zipper but not the outer fabric.
The strap too was made different to how I would normally make it. It was easy to do and also saved on fabric.

When I sew from Jane's patterns she reminds me of my mum. She'll explain how to do something and then reminds you not to forget to do it before you do it, save's on unpicking. Thanks mum Jane.

I also finally got to learn how to make the zipper end on the left perfect when turned inside out. I'd tried these before but they never really looked tidy and professional looking. I'll be able to do them properly from now on.

Summary of this pattern : BRILLIANT, FANTASTIC !!!!!! and no I'm not saying that because I got a free pattern and fabric. Just as I am honest with designers when I test a bag the same goes for a review. If I didn't like it I wouldn't rave about it and I think you'd probably be able to tell I'm making it up anyway. In fact I love Jane's patterns so much I've asked to do another review on a bag she has. I've just finished making it, only the strap needs to be made and as I expected I wasn't disappointed with this one either, but that's for another post.

I highly recommend this pattern and any of the others that I have made from Jane's collection especially if you're a beginner and if you're not you'll still love them.

You can buy this and other patterns over at Jane's Etsy shop HERE and you can also check out Jane's blog Projects by Jane where you will find tutorials to try out.

Tomorrow I'm going to be starting on a top secret project and I'm really looking forward to that. I've also done a pattern review for a new designer to me that I'll be sharing with you in a few days time plus some projects I've finished in the last few days. Still some custom orders to make. I was aiming for the end of the month to finish everything but I now think I'm being a little optimistic but then that's me I thrive on stress and deadlines.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.

~ Maria ~


  1. It is so cute, Maria. That fabric is divine. I'll have to look at her patterns.

  2. Jane deserves all the accolades - not only does she do lovely patterns and tutorials, her blog is a hoot to read - she's one of those ladies you'd love to have as a neighbour - she'd be a blast! Great bag Maria - that is definitely some Partridge Family fabric - love it! :D

  3. What a lovely wristlet! I too will need to take a look at Jane's patterns.

  4. What fun fabric you got to use. The wristlet looks cute, but I never use those for myself.

  5. Thanks Maria! I was blown away by all the lovely stuff you wrote. I appreciate it!!! And I see Sandra's here too. Hello Sandra.

  6. Hi Maria,
    this fabrics is WONDERFUL! Love the pattern too!
    Happy nwe sewing week ;O)

  7. That clutch is very nice I like the shape a lot and the fabric is lovely.

  8. That clutch is really cute and I love the fabric


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