Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tins & Magnets

About a week ago I took an evening off from sewing to play around with some old tins I'd saved until I could decide what to do with them.

As I'm very slowly trying to change the colour scheme of my sewing room into pinks and blues I thought I'd cover these tins in fabric and add some paper flowers and a bow.

Then I wanted to play around with felt that I'd recently bought on my last visit to my daughters. After searching the internet for a few hours, it's amazing what you can find on here, I came up with these. They aren't tutorials, just photos I saw and liked.
I drew some templates and then cut out the felt from them.

Next up I wanted to play around making candle holders from glass cups. I didn't have any nice Christmas fabric but I do have a nice collection of paper napkins so I cut one up and stuck it onto the glass and trimmed it with some ribbon. I didn't have any modge podge so I used wood glue diluted with a little water and it worked perfectly. I also used this for sticking the fabric onto the tins.

Lastly I had a wedding invitation that I'd kept becasue it was so unusual. It's made from wood and lined with paper. On the front in the center of the heart was the name of the bride and groom, luckily that was just lightly stuck in place so came away without leaving a mark and I stuck a paper bow in it's place with some pretty paper flowers in the corner. I could also have removed the paper lining and replaced it with fabric but this particular evening was for making quick things.

I had great fun making these and wish there was more time for crafts like these but I have to get back to my orders. Another two customers turned up and ordered a load of stuff so I'm well behind and I have a gorgeous test pattern for a clutch/wallet to make which I'm dying to start. I'm testing it for another new designer that I haven't tested for in the past, in fact I've just recently found out about her. I quickly looked through the pattern today and it's realllllllllly good so hopefully in the next week I'll be able to show you that and give you more details.

I have one more post to show you before November finishes so I'll do that post tomorrow. Until then happy sewing.

~ Maria ~


  1. Maria it looks like you had a fun day playing. Such fun things you created. Wow that is an unusual card with the wood, so lovely and I like what you added to it. Looking forward to seeing the new bags you are making.

  2. Busy, busy, busy. Looks like you had a lot of fun. It is fun to take a break from your normal sewing and create new things. Can't wait to see the new wallet.

  3. Everything is so pretty - my favourite is the first pink floral tin :D That is one heck of a fancy wedding invitation - I've never seen anything like that before! For more felt ideas, look up applique patterns or colouring book pages (for any theme you want) - you'll find pages and pages of pictures you can use for patterns :D


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