Thursday, December 25, 2014

Get Up & Go Sling Bag X 32

My daughter came home for a week becasue she was tired and needed a rest, so what was the first thing she did when she arrived, she went straight to my sewing room and said 'mum teach me to make an easy quick bag'. I knew straight away which one to choose. The Get Up & Go Bag by Jane from Projects by Jane.

I did a review of this bag HERE. Brilliant pattern, very easy and quick to make with loads of detail in the pattern making it perfect for a beginner, you can buy the pattern from Jane's Etsy shop HERE. I showed my daughter what to do and before long she had us working on a whole bunch of them.

After making seven of them like the pattern she wanted to make it even simpler. Is that really possible with this pattern? She said lets make the bottom of the bag just plain so we tried and it looked great. She said these are perfect for the craft fair so we decided to make as many as we could before she left.

Three days later we had made a grand total of 32 bags!!!!

The bands were a killer to make.

Makes me cringe just to look at this photo.

Here they are all spread out in all their glory.

All the fabrics were chosen by my daughter except for six of them which were mine.
I'm sure some of you will guess which ones are mine.

I love the floral fabric of the one in the middle below.

 And the matryoshka below.

It's Christmas Day here and I'm spending it in my sewing room making a custom order for the Kentucky Bag. We had our Christmas a couple of days ago while my daughter was here. Hope you're all having a lovely time.

~ Maria ~


  1. Gorgeous bags - Merry Christmas :) I'm home alone - hubby and both sons are visiting hubby's family - I'm too sick to go so I'm on the couch alternating between watching TV, sleeping, and playing on the computer every once in a while when I have the energy :D

  2. 32 bags in 3 days?????? I'm seriously impressed!! Merry Christmas - here's to 2015 Maria:)

  3. OMG ...........Maria, HOW did cou get Santa'S Helpers in your home to sew all those wodnerful abgs in 3 days?????
    Great job my Dear! And Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. You guys are machines. Bet you never want to make another one. Merry xmas.

  5. OMG Maria 32 bags !!! and they are all beautiful

  6. Wow...I need a nap. The bags are lovely.

  7. How did the craft fair go Maria? It was on Boxing Day right? I hope you and your daughter made heaps and heaps of sales.



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