Monday, December 8, 2014

The Kentucky Bag

Another custom order crossed off the list.

When I first made the Kentucky Bag I loved the design and have been using it ever since. It's designed by Sarah Goodall from Numbskull Patterns. Over a month ago a lady asked if I could make one for her exactly like mine. I was delighted to make it as it's an easy and quick bag to make.

The pattern doesn't have photos but has clear digital diagrams with very clear instructions and all the steps flow beautifully. 

My photos aren't fantastic. I had to deliver the bag to the customer and the lighting was really bad.
I love everything about this bag. The shape and all the pockets, the size is perfect and it has an adjustable strap too. The pattern uses a twist lock closure but I couldn't get one so used a magnetic button.

I liked the wavy quilting on the one I made for myself so have adopted this method for most bags I sew now.

Under the main flap is a zipper pocket.

On the back there is another zipper pocket.
I couldn't get a decent photo of the inside of the bag but it too has two zipper pockets like the ones on the outside of the bag.

Good thing about the poor lighting was it shows up the stitching really well.

The size of the finished bag is 16" High x 12" Wide x 2.5" Deep not including the strap.
If you'd like one for yourself then you can buy the pattern HERE.

Next I'll have one more bag to show you and then it's onto wallets. I was supposed to be making a wallet/clutch today but I just had to get the Christmas tree up and even managed to make some bows. These went on the tree.

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~


  1. Nice bag, Maria - your quilting really makes it look professional - it's just the right touch :) I know what you mean about difficulties photographing the inside of bags - I tend to get my fat fingers in the picture - it is NOT pretty, LOL!!!

  2. Hi Maria,
    another wonderful bag! I always admire your perfect sewing! I never could get those zippers so well done ...
    Lovely bows you made for your Christmastree! I am sure, it looks wonderful!
    Happy sewing day,

  3. So pretty, no wonder the woman wanted one just like the first one you made.

  4. Nice bag and lovely bows

  5. Love that bag!!!!! Awesome job as always! Nancy


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