Friday, January 30, 2015

Bags, Pouches & Wallets

With January nearly coming to an end I wanted to post as much as I could that I made this month before February comes along.

First off is the Kentucky Bag designed by Sarah Goodall from Numbskull Patterns. This is the third one I've made exactly the same. This was a custom order after the lady had seen the one that I had made for someone else.

I love this bag and have been using mine ever since I made it. There is a large zipper pocket under the flap at the front

and another on the back.

The inside of the bag is the exact same as the outside with another two large zipper pockets so everything is nice and organized. I couldn't get a decent photo this time round so used one from my other post so you could see.This photo was from the first one I made so the fabric is slightly lighter.

If you'd like to make The Kentucky Bag then you can find it HERE along with another 16 bag designs that are a part of the 50 State Bag Range that Sarah is in the process of designing. I can't wait for the next one.

Next up are some sanitary towel holders. I'd been asked by loads of people to make some of these but quite frankly didn't have the time and couldn't find a pattern. Then I came across a lady who saw my drawstring pouches and said she had the same exact fabric. Not unusual for many of you but it is for me becasue the fabrics I buy aren't found in many other countries. This particular one was from Turkey. I got back to her and asked her where she was from and would you believe she was from Turkey. It's a small world. Anyway I started following her FB page and noticed her sanitary towel holders. I asked if she had a pattern but she didn't but she did give me the measurements so I quickly made up a bunch of them.

You can see Yasemin's on her blog post HERE which she made in that fabric that's like mine. She has also used a different closure on hers. I'll have to try that one too and HERE is another one which is a trifold design with a cute bow embellishment. If you want to see all her designs in one place then this is her FB page. I just spotted a lovely duffel bag on there.

Now I want to show you a couple of bags that are really quick and easy to make. The Get Up And Go Bag by Jane at Projects by Jane. Jane's patterns are all so easy to follow and all her patterns are suited for beginners. I've made loads of these in the past.

I love this floral fabric becasue it has a velvety feel to it. You can find the pattern here on CRAFTSY or ETSY

And last but by no means least are some wallets designed by Anna of Noodlehead. This is a free tutorial which you can find HERE. The I have also made loads of in the past. These I made to keep on hand when I need to give a gift to someone. Sometimes when we go to visit friends it's customary to buy chocolates or cakes to take as a gift so these will come in handy and won't pack on the calories.

The tutorial is for a boys wallet but I made mine in girly fabrics so if you want them for a boy just make them the same and change the fabric.

If you've made it to the end of this post, thank you very much for staying with me. I've enjoyed sharing my creations with you.

See you tomorrow when I'll be showing you a pouch I tested.

~ Maria ~


  1. You must be sewing nonstop, Maria. Great bags and some great small gifts, too.

  2. I just found your blog through the GYB party. Your work is gorgeous! I have made bags, but nothing as wonderful as these!

  3. Maria.......I have all the Santa's elves in your sewing room!...LOLLLLL...........
    WOW, you have been so busy! Great job, my Dear!
    Happy weekend to you,

  4. Look at all your goodies! I agree with Claudia - you definitely have elves working on your behalf, lol! Everything is just so pretty and so nicely made - I really like that second purple floral print (, and the sweet feminine floral of the wallets in the last photo :)

  5. Hello Maria, finally i added my sanitary towel holder pattern to my etsy shop.


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