Monday, February 9, 2015

Gemini Pouch

Back in November, I tested the Gemini Pouch for Christine at ChrisW Designs Website and Blog. When Christine said she was going to do a pouch I knew it wouldn't be an ordinary one and it sure wasn't.

This cute pouch measures approx.   11" W X 7 1/2" H X 1/2” D

And features two zippered storage pockets.

This is the back view. I absolutely adore this fabric. You could also add some magnetic buttons to the back so if you fold it in half it will stay in place giving you a different look.

It's great as a pencil case, sewing things or anything else.

Best of all is that this is a FREEBIE, Yayyyyyy, and if you want to get hold of the pattern all you have to do is join ChrisW Designs Pattern Group on FB HERE. Once you've joined up you'll find the pattern in the group files. This is the only place you can get hold of it so join up, it's a great friendly group with loads of talented members. We've just been doing a sew along for the Sugar & Spice bag which finishes in a few days time. There is talk of another sew along taking place soon so that will be something fun to take part in. During this sew along there have been prizes too. I'll be showing you my Sugar & Spice Bag that I made for the sew along in my next post.

If you should have any problems joining the group just let me know, I'm one of the admin so will try to help you out. Hope to see you there. Oh I just remembered Christine has a Brag Bag Tuesday Linking Party every week where you can link your bags, any bag from any designer, it doesn't have to be one of Chris's designs so make sure you check that out too.

~ Maria ~


  1. That looks like a really cool design, and of course you did a wonderful job on it - love the cupcake fabric! Is it available anywhere for people who don't have Facebook?

  2. Hi Maria,
    what a great Pouch! Wonderful, I love this way with two zippers!
    What a shame, I do not have FB ...:O(((((
    Happy sewing week to you,
    P.S. I hope, you are well!

  3. I just pinned that pattern and can't wait to try it! How fun. Of COURSE Christine would have a cool twist on a zipper pouch. I just adore her designs. Yours turned out fabulous!

  4. Your pouch is lovely

  5. I'll just have to join the group after seeing your pouch, Maria. It's lovely.

  6. Love the cupcakes and the way you quilted the pouch. So cute!

  7. I know Christine has done several revisions on this on FB, so hopefully I have the latest (#6). Love your fabrics on this cute zip bag.

  8. Beautiful job, love the pouch, nice I want to do it!!!! I just asked to join the fb I have to wait :)
    Thank you for sharing your pouch and the link.....really appreciated :))))))

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