Sunday, July 1, 2012

Natures Beauty

After three days of constant rain

 I woke up this morning to find the most beautiful flower had come to bloom in my garden. Last year was the first time it flowered and only had two. So far this year it has one and another just coming up. They don't seem to last very long which is unfortunate because the colour is magnificent.

Hope they're not going to be dinner for this little fellow. LOLL

The rain finally stopped this afternoon and I'm hoping it will stay cool for a while longer.

Of course the draw back is the weeds seem to grow quicker than the flowers so that could keep me away from my sewing in the next few days.

~ Maria ~


  1. Beautiful flower and great photos too. I wish we could get some of that rain here! It's been 100 degrees for a while now and no end in sight. We haven't had any monsoons yet either and it's now monsoon season.

  2. You must be delighted with your new camera taking such wonderful flower and snail photos .. I haven't tried anything like that yet with mine .. maybe I could get a closup of a dog eye.

  3. Oh my God, what beautiful pictures you have taken and in particular the photo of the flower, is spectacular.

  4. Great shot of the cannas flower.


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