Friday, August 31, 2012

Cot Quilt & Pillowcase


Remember last Saturday I posted a photo of my disappearing four patch block that I made. It was the start of a cot quilt that I was making for my friends new baby girl. Well I finished it last night.
I had planned on more blocks but after checking cot quilt sizes on the net I discovered that there were several sizes to choose from so I chose this one, 47.5" x 33". It only needed 24 8" x 8" blocks and because I had originally planned on making it bigger had enough left over to do the pillowcase and also add some to the back of the quilt.

This the largest quilting project I've done to date. I didn't have any fixing spray so my first attempt a FMQ it was terrible. I managed to solve the problem by using some of this. Sorry I don't know the name. I placed it between the fabric and batting and ironed it to stick the two together. I also did this for the back so didn't have to use any pins at all to quilt it. Great stuff. It's sold by the meter and is 150cm wide.

This is the back of the quilt and pillowcase.

Because this is for a baby I didn't want a zip on the pillowcase. I also made the stuffing for the pillowcase with this. It looks like snow. Measurements for the pillowcase are 20" x 13".

I decided to sew the binding by hand because I think it looks so much neater. Took me three and a half hours to do the two.
Here are some more photos some with my two babies as models.

Just needs to be wrapped up now. I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt and hope to do more in the future, for the moment though it's clean up time.

~ Maria ~


  1. Very pretty, I like how you quilted it.

    Robin in washington State
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  2. Maria, I love, love and love your quilt! The front, the back side, and the pillow, everything is beautiful. I like the colors, I'm sure the person who will receive the quilt, will be delighted with. Nice job, thanks for sharing! Marisa.

  3. Beautiful job Maria. I like the soft colors of this quilt. The pillow is a nice addition and using some extra blocks on the back was great too. Some little baby is very lucky to receive such a sweet and thoughtful gift made with love.

  4. great job! Your quilting turned out very nice!! and i love all your pictures! :)

  5. Oh I just LOVE this the teddies too! LOLL You should try your hand at making a bear one day!


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