Friday, August 24, 2012

Triple-Zip Pouch

Finally got some sewing done. That is sewing of the kind I like. I've been trying to get an outfit together for a wedding and it's a nightmare because I don't like sewing clothes. Found a solution to my problem and that left me with a clear head to do some sewing of the kind I like.
So, while my daughter was sleeping, she's been hogging the sewing machine lately, I quickly went to my room cut out the pieces for the pouch and ran them up quickly.
I was given the link by my blogger friend Sandra over at

take a look at hers, it's so cute as are her other pouches. This lady is supper quick on the sewing machine, by the time I've made one pouch she's turned out a hundred of them LOLLLLL.

This is the original link for the pouch.

 Its by Debbie one of my newest bloggy friends and it's a free tutorial. This little pouch certainly gets around.  I've seen it posted on my sewing groups, passed from blogger to blogger and on Pinterest.

Here's mine

As usual I can't behave myself and use fabrics like in the patterns, I have to make life difficult for myself. This is a denim one that I also used fusible fleece on. Then I did top stitching on the top zipper which wasn't mentioned in the pattern and that was a real ordeal.
Loved making it though, it's a really quick project and will make another with cottons next time.
Thanks for the tutorial Debbie.

~ Maria ~


  1. LOL! I have this on my pinterest board 'to sew'. I'll make sure to follow the rules though and not follow your rebellious choice of fabrics! x
    p.s. you do make me laugh x

  2. The pouch looks great, despite of (or maybe because of) your rebellion :)

  3. Hi Maria,
    This is gorgeous and I love de demin fabric and of course the little polka dots in zippers :)! I'll try to make one. Thanks a lot to share Debbie's great tutorial.
    Have a nice weekend.

    Hugs from Portugal

    Ana Love Craft

  4. I saw this 3 zippered bag somewhere online before too. Never tried it though. I think with all the stuff I have, I need larger bags, lol!

  5. So cute! I seen this too and think it would be just great to use for a wallet and running into the store quickly! Thanks for sharing the links, I will have to try one.

  6. Well to be honest, I love yours and dont understand why you wont send to me, that way I wont have to make one. Will send you my address when ever you want.

  7. Your bag looks great - I especially love the kick of polka dots! You're brave to use denim AND batting -- I was a big ole chicken when I made mine, using fusible interfacing instead ;)

  8. Great job as usual Maria! :)

  9. Would it be cute with a flap closing over the zippers (snap on bottom pocket)and a cross body strap, so you'd be able to carry more fabric next time you go shopping? LOL KathyB

  10. Maria this 3 zippered bag is just lovely! Thanks for the link. Maybe I'll try to do one because I have enough jeans to recycle. As always a beautiful creation, thank you for sharing it with us!

  11. Thank you for linking up to [Amy's] Crafty Shenanigans -- for TGIFF this week. I really love this triple zip pouch done in denim. It is on my list of things to make one day and I may make it in denim too!!!

  12. I made the tripple zip pouch too, I don't know how you managed with denim AND fusable fleece! Great job!!

  13. This is darling! So glad you enjoyed using my triple-zip tutorial! Do you mind if I post one of your pics on my blog??

  14. love it, have been wanting to try one of them as I've been practicing a lot lately with zippers.



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