Monday, August 6, 2012

Keeping It In The Family

It feels like ages since I posted. In fact when I mentioned it to my daughter she said, it's only been a week, anyone would think you haven't been on for months. LOLLL Well the truth is I love posting and I love reading your comments even more.

I've been away visiting my daughter and son, I stayed with them for a week and it was fun being with them. When my son left a few weeks ago to take summer work, before starting uni again after the summer, I thought it would be wonderful just me an hubby alone and I suppose it is but I kind of miss the little devil. He has so much energy he wears me out just looking at him coming in and out of the house. LOLLL

Me and my daughter had a day of fabric shopping. She is keeping the family tradition, although she's still not as crazy as I am when I see fabric. We went to a huge indoor shopping center with about 250 fabric shops. Heaven for me. I was like a kid in a sweet shop. At one point I lost sight of her while looking for fabric and was trying to find her and keeping my eyes on the fabric at the same time. After we had bought a few pieces she managed to drag me away. She 'still' has more self control than I do but I don't think it will be for long.

These are the fabrics that my daughter chose for herself.

I think she did pretty well don't you?

And here are mine.

I didn't do so bad either. I'm so looking forward to my next visit. I now have a partner in crime. LOLLL

~ Maria ~



  1. I love the fabric in the last picture! I could make some lovely bags with that. Lucky you.

  2. You both did quite well - I particularly like the ginghams - I've been starting a little collection of gingham in different colours, to use either for lining or for a kick of colour :D It's wonderful having a sewing/fabricy partner in crime - I have a blast with mine - fortunately she just lives a few blocks away from me, so we trade back and forth a LOT!! SHhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell her I picked her up a remnant of pink chenille yesterday when I was out shopping ;)

  3. No wonder I hadn't seen any posts from you lately Maria, you've been shopping at fabric stores with your daughter! And I thought you were so busy making more bags from the last time you purchased fabric and all those fabrics your hubby brought you not too long ago. You have lots of fabric to keep you busy for a long time now.

  4. That is so cool that you and your daughter have such a wonderful interest together! God has blessed you! ♥♥♥


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