Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Year of Blogging


I can hardly believe that a year to the day has passed since I started blogging.

 My very first post was about the Savannah Bag I tested for Christine. Back then I only had my cell phone to take photos and when I look at them now I cringe at the poor quality of them. Since then I've tested many other bags for Christine and also Samantha from At home with Mrs H, Anna at Noodlehead and Jenn Giddens, all of them wonderfully brilliant designers. A few months ago hubby bought me a beautiful new camera so I could take nice photos for my blog and if they're still not all that brilliant then it's my fault for not learning how to use it properly. LOL

During this last year I have also been learning to do more quilting and what started off as sewing for fun has now turned into a very small business that I hope won't grow too large that the fun goes out of it. I've also learned a tremendous amount from people who I've come across through blogging, whether it's to do with blogging or sewing you have all been wonderful.

The best part of this year has been seeing my followers list grow to a grand total of 78. I want to thank each and every one of you. Thanks to you I have been inspired to sew more and it's a wonderful feeling when you leave comments. Also I know I have followers that just pop in regularly and never comment on my blog, yes I'm referring to you in particular Suzanne, she's my best friend and critic and would be lost without her. In fact it was Suzanne that got me into bag making in the first place. We were out shopping and I saw a bag that I liked but was too expensive and she encouraged me to make one like it. I did, loved it and then someone else did too and bought it from me so I was back to square one again. LOLLLL

Once again a BIG thank you to all of you for your inspiration and friendship and I hope that the following year you will be inspired by my creations as I am inspired by all of yours.

Just before I go don't forget that tomorrow I'll be picking a winner for Samantha's Stella Bag Pattern and as a bonus Samantha is giving a 30PERCENTOFF on her etsy store on any or all of her sewing patterns for the next 30 days so if you don't win tomorrow and still want to buy the pattern you'll be getting an excellent deal.

Also if you want to increase your chances of winning pop over to Liz and Dee blogs. They too are doing a giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment.

Thanks again

~ Maria ~


  1. Congrats on a year of blogging, Maria!!!

  2. Congrats Maria! I'm a newer follower.. going to go back and read your first posts!

  3. YAY congratulations on your anniversary - I'm very happy to have found you!

  4. WOW! I nearly FAINTED when you mentioned you tested Savannah a year ago and you've had your blog that long! It feels like just a couple of months ago! LOLLLLL No wonder my hair is greying so FAST....Time is just WIZZING by! I had to go back to the beginning of your blog to look for myself.....I just didn't believe you! LOLLLLLLLLL

  5. Maria, I think I'm among the first people that started to follow your blog. From the beginning you have given me inspiration with each one of your creations. I congratulate you on this anniversary, and will always be here to celebrate each year of blogging to come. Thanks for all that you share with us, your bloggy friend, Marisa.


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