Friday, December 7, 2012

Crazy Nine Patch Potholders

Here are some more potholders I've just finished. These took forever as I'm not in the sewing mood so had to force myself to finish these off.

I used the tutorial over at Oh, Fransson for the Crazy Nine Patch Lattice Quilt.

~ Maria ~


  1. Those are pretty, Maria - how come you're not feeling very sewy - burned out?

  2. Maybe you need a break from sewing to get back into the mood, Maria. I especially like the blue side of the potholders.

  3. Those potholders are great Maria and the ornaments too. I get in those moods where I have lost interest in sewing and then suddenly I come out of it have 1,000's of ideas to start. You just need a break for a while.

  4. Maria, these potholders are beautiful. Thanks for the link to the site where we can find the tutorial! I like the way the fabric is cut, just beautiful, this is something I have to try one day. Nice job!!!!! Marisa-


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