Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oven Gloves and a WARNING

On my last post I wrote I wasn't in the mood for sewing but then a bag pattern came in for testing and I was thrilled to bits to be able to sew it. It's all very hush hush at the moment though, you won't be able to see it until June 2013. LOLLL

After that I quickly started making a pair of oven gloves for my friend who provided the fabric. It's so pretty don't you think.

I used the tutorial over at Skip To My Lou.

I made the cuff narrower on mine.

 I made this Christmas tree about a couple of weeks ago. The pattern was given to me a friend but you can find a mini tutorial for a similar one over at Sweet Bee Buzzings.

Again this fabric was given to me by my friend who I made the oven gloves for. This is a dissappearing four patch block that I'm making into a quilted trash bag holder for her.

Now for the WARNING!!!!!!!!
Look at the next photo.

Yes I took a chunk off my finger with my rotary cutter that jumped the ruler and sliced away half of the side of my finger right up against the nail. LOLLLLL This isn't the first time. Actually it's the second. Funny thing is it took a while to register that the sound I thought was the fabric being cut was actually my finger. Then I saw the blood!!!! I quickly added pressure to hold it together and ran downstairs to put it under the tap hoping I could do a DIY job on it. LOLLLL After not being able to stop the bleeding I calmly waltzed into the lounge and announced that I needed to be taken to the all night emergency clinic.

Luckily because I had put pressure on it it stuck together and didn't need any stitches. The nurse cleaned it and put antibiotic cream on it and then bound it up. I have to change the bandage every other day and take and antibiotic capsule every 6 hours. So PLEASE lady's wear your gloves when cutting fabrics with your rotary cutter.

It's taken me forever to write this post with one finger out of order LOLLL and now it's starting to throb like crazy.

I had to laugh when I was watermarking my photos. Who on earth would want to claim the last one as theirs. LOLLL

Safe sewing.

~ Maria ~


  1. Oh wowwww!!!! I live in fear of doing that!

  2. Rotary cutters are one of our most helpful notions, but they're definitely the most dangerous! I haven't ever sewn over a finger (ouch!) but I've certainly nicked myself more than once - it's dreadful bleeding on a project under construction, lol!

  3. Oh Maria! First I wanty to say that your oven gloves are beautiful and the tree too. But I am so sorry you cut yourself, ouch! I have known several friends who have done the same thing. One friend was at a quilting retreat when it happened and had to have several stitches and she couldn't sew the rest of the time. I try to be so careful when I cut, but now I will really pay attention more. It is good to be reminded from those who really know about dangers of cutting yourself. You laugh about it now, but it's not funny, is it? I guess we won't be seeing any more creations from you for a while until after you are healed. So have a wonderful holiday season.

  4. OH Maria, Ouch!!! I hope your finger heals soon!! Your latest creations are beautiful as always, I love the pair of oven gloves you've done to your friend, I'm sure she'll love them. Thanks for the links to the tutorials, it's nice to always have them on hand. Be careful with the rotary cutter, we do not consider this accessory as a dangerous instrument but you prove us it is.
    Have a nice day! Marisa-

  5. oh no, that made me gag! I hope you're recovering now!

    The oven gloves are pretty and that christmas tree is so funky!

  6. Ha ha! I can't wait to see you try and keep that new pattern under your hat until next JUNE!!!!!!

  7. These rotary cutters ... Sooner or later we all happens! Get well Maria!

  8. yikes! That sounds very painful. I have never heard of wearing gloves when using a rotary cutter. When your finger is healed will you please elaborate on that for me?
    Love the oven gloves and little tree.

  9. Hello Maria,

    Just found you on Karen's..oh so sorry for your finger for sure painfully. i had once a long a go.
    wow..those oven gloves such a very very pretty as well the Christmas tree
    have a nice week

  10. Oooh!!! That made me sick in the stomach, Maria. I hope your finger has healed!!! The oven gloves look great!!!

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