Saturday, December 1, 2012

Xmas Creations

First of all I wanted to talk to you about storage on Blogger. I thought Blogger was free, as it seems so do many other people, but lately I noticed on a couple of blogs that bloggers were finding out that their storage limit had been used up. Trying to find out more about the storage limit I emailed my bloggy friend Daryl from Patchouli Moon Studio who is so much more clever than me at computer stuff. She sent me this link.
It was really helpful and learned loads that I didn't know from Daryl herself. Thanks Daryl, what would I do without you. If you want to learn how to keep Blogger storage free then check out the link.

While I'm on the subject of Daryl, she's having a giveaway on her blog to celebrate reaching 300 followers. You MUST be a follower to take part but that's a bonus because she has some lovely creations on her blog. Go over and check out her blog. You have till Dec 8th to follow and leave a comment.

Ok now to my latest Christmas creations.
First of all six Christmas potholders. These are like the six I posted earlier just that the backs are a different fabric. These match the Christmas table runner I made.

Reverse side.

I made some more decorations for my daughters tree this time. Little felt Christmas trees, yo-yo's and my favourite of all are the Christmas puddings.

I found a photo for these Christmas puddings on Pinterest. Only difference is they used a green ribbon and a button instead of the holly. There was no pattern so I just made one up. So easy and quick to make. They look good enough to eat. Just before I posted these I saw that another of my bloggy friends Wendy at The Crafter's Apprentice had made these puddings, hers are with the ribbon and just by coincidence she had made a Matryoshka Doll like the ones I made last year here, I've included the link for the doll tutorial and other ornaments too in that post, both our dolls are the same just different colours, she also has other cute felt decorations so check them out.

I found a link for some felt snowflakes so I'll be making those after I finish off some more potholders.

~ Maria ~


  1. Adorable Maria! I would love to make them all... looking forward to seeing your snowflakes too.

  2. Hi Maria, I just love your Christmas mug rugs they are adorable! And the Christmas puddings are great too. Looking forward to seeing the snowflakes!

  3. Everything is so cute - I want to eat the puddings, LOL! I wonder how many calories there are in FELT??!! ;)

  4. Thanks Maria for the link to my blog. However, I am not absolutely positive that you can keep blogger free forever. By reducing the size of your photos you will have more free storage for a longer time. (I started blogging in March 2008). But you are still using photo space in Picasa storage (that's where your photos are stored when you blog with blogger). Someone said Picasa didn't count the photos that were sized 800 x 600 (or smaller), but I am not positive that this is true. Sometimes you cannot make your photos that size if you want to keep them in scale. You can certainly blog for many more years if you resize your photos smaller.

    Your ornaments are fun and festive. I love small handmade ornaments, they are the best!

    1. I've heard that too on the 800 x 600 but it might just be a rumour :)

  5. I LOVE your Xmas ornaments if only I had some time to make some for my tree.....actually if only I had some room for a TREE I would be happy! LOLLLL
    Christine @ ChrisW Designs

  6. I've had the picasa space issue this last week too so Benny suggested setting up another gmail account and adding that email address as an author onto my blog which doubled my storage space. I think from now on I'll try and resize them too otherwise I'll just be in the same position in two years time! xx

    p.s. I love your ornaments....or I would if I wasn't a scrooge! x

  7. How much interesting information in this post, ok, the first thing I want to say is "that your ornaments are so beautiful", I can not choose which one I like the most, I love them all!!!! The Christmas potholders are a dream, the colors, the design of the Christmas tree, I love everything.
    On the other hand thanks for the info on the storage limit on the blog, I think the important thing now is to check the dimensions of each photo that we will use on the blog. How nice it is to share that information with the rest of us, thanks for that.
    Returning to the theme of Christmas, everything you've created inspires me, like always you did a beautiful works of art. Thanks for the inspiration, Marisa-

  8. Everything looks fabulous, Maria!!! Those little puddings are gorgeous.


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