Sunday, April 14, 2013

Starbucks Coffee Fabric Dish Drainer & Tea Towels

It's been slow going with this order. I feel as if I've been sewing it all year. It's part of a kitchen set that I'm making for a lady who is going to get married. I still have some more things to complete which I'll share with you as I finish them followed by the whole lot together.

For now I've finished this fabric dish drainer which measures 42" x 29".

And these three tea towels with flower Velcro ties. I love the ties because once they are hung on the oven door handle they stay in place.

This is the back of the tie.

I love the combination of these three colours which were chosen by the lady I'm making them for but I've been sewing them for so long now that I can't wait to start something else.

Tomorrow will be that day as I'm hoping to join the bag sew along over at Sweet Bee Buzzings. Check it out and join in if you can. It's going to be fun.

Right now I'm off to do a bit more on this order. I still have an apron, chefs hat, potholders, some fabric pot lid steamers and a fabric skewer holder.

Thanks for stopping by.

~ Maria ~


  1. Love the idea of the ties! My husband always walks off with our towels and this is a perfect solution.

  2. Great colors! My daughter works at Starbucks. I've never seen that fabric before, but I never saw any fabric with the Starbucks logo on it before. Maybe I never noticed or looked for it before. I like those flowers on the ties. So pretty!

  3. I love those colours. Everything looks awesome

  4. Wow..I've never heard of a fabric dish drainer~ That is interesting. Love the towel holders you made...all so fresh and nice~ The lady should love them! ♥♥♥

  5. I've never seen Starbucks fabric before - what a hoot! It's past my bedtime so I'm slow on the uptake - how do the tea towels stay on the oven door with those velcro wraps ... and what are pot lid steamers and fabric skewer holders?

  6. Just for once Maria, I wouldn't mind if you posted a pic with wiggly stitching on know, just to make the rest of us feel a bit better about ourselves :D

  7. I agree with Samantha's comment....does your stitching ALWAYS have to be so perfect?? LOLLLLL Love the colours by the way!
    - ChrisW Designs


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