Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wallets, Tissue Holders, Key Fobs, Patchwork Pouches, Oh My

It's been a busy few days here in the sewing room and rather than show everything I've made in separate posts I'm going to do one long post to save me some time.

First off I made these tissue holders. It's the kind of project that when you start you can't just make one.

Then came another two wallets. The first one you may recognize the fabric. It was a piece left over from the blouse I made HERE.

This second one was fabric left over from a cot quilt I made ages ago which you can see HERE.

Then came a couple of patchwork pouches. I'd made a couple before and loved making them. This time rather than sew the squares individually I placed them on fusible interfacing ironed them and then sewed up the seams. Really quick. My friend Daryl also made one of these pouches but hers is huge in comparison and really pretty, you can see Daryl's HERE. There's also an adorable bunny pouch on that post with a link to the tutorial. So cute.

And about an hour ago I finished making these little zippy pouches or key fobs as I call them.

I made the tabs a little longer so I could flip my keys inside if I didn't want them dangling around. They're so much easier to find in my bag now.

These pouches are also handy for carrying change or a USB.

If you'd like to make any of these here are the links to the tutorials.

Tissue Holders

Patchwork Drawstring Pouches

Tiny Zippy Pouches ( key fobs )

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~


  1. Everything is lovely (as always!) - I *extra* love those drawstring bags, and I really love the bright fun colours and prints :) I have a little key fob zipper pouch dealio that I use for my walks - it has my house key on the fob, and inside I have my name/address and a couple of dollars - in case I fall into a ditch I want my rescuers to know where to haul my butt back to, LOL! Or - if I happen to accidentally walk into a bakery or a fabric store while walking, I want to be able to - you know - buy something fun ;)

  2. You have been a busy girl Maria. Love the colors you used in the drawstring bags. Those little key ring fob pouches look hand to have too. I saw a tutorial recently very similar to those, except the pouch was boxy instead of flat. Hmm I guess I'll just have to make one of each to see which I like better, lol.

  3. WOW, Maria, you have been soooo busy! Wonderful! How do you make this? I guess, you have some helpders in the night ..LOLLLL....
    Happy day to you,

  4. Well, Maria, while I have been gone for a few days visiting good friends, you have been really busy. I love everything. When I first started to make bags, I included a free tissue holder and a key fob. I'm sorry to say that this year I stopped it because I have been busy. I love the pattern you used on both of them better than what I was using. Currently, I am 5 bags behind! That's what I get for taking a few days off. Sewing from dusk to dawn today!

  5. you have been busy! such wonderful makes. I really love your draw string bags

  6. You've been super busy, Maria. Everything looks great! I like the idea of the key fobs... very handy.

  7. Beautiful job, like usual !!!! I've made a lot of those tissue holder, their are very useful and nice little gift, and so easy to make. Very good idea with the key fobs, and the drawstring bags are just bright, and the wallets very nice, that kind of fabric must be tricky to sew.

  8. These are lovely Maria, I love your style! I found your blog via Facebook group. Thanks for sharing x

  9. All your creations are soooooooo beautiful :) I always love the combination of colors that you use for your inspire me!!!!!! Beautiful, just beautiful!!!!


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