Sunday, November 23, 2014

Leona Hobo Bag

Another bag completed, not only am I behind with my sewing but my blogging too. I'm drowning in patterns, fabric, testing, reviews and orders but wouldn't have it any other way. This isn't work for me it's pure pleasure and as if I didn't have enough on my plate already I decided to become a tester for designer Maria Petrova.

Maria wrote to me and asked if I'd like to look over some of her patterns. When I saw her work I just couldn't refuse, her bags are gorgeous. This is the first one I chose to make. It's the Leona Hobo Bag.

I loved the fabrics Maria used for her bag and wanted to make mine similar but with the shops closed and me wanting to make a start I took my scissors to hubbies jeans LOLLL yes that's right I made this bag from his trousers.

This bag is really spacious and I liked the way the trim was made rather than doing piping which I'm not keen on tackling.

I also liked how the handle was made. I ran out of hubbies trouser fabric so used a dark brown cotton to make it. So easy and you just tie the ends in a knot which means you could make a regular strap as an extra and change over when you want a different look. I didn't have small rings so I used these large ones but they worked fine.

The way the zipper was installed was new to me but was easy to do.

The pattern only had a couple of slip pockets on one side of the bag interior so I added a zipper pocket as the bag is so big I'd need somewhere to keep little things that would otherwise get lost in the bottom.

The slip pocket was also a new method to me. Don't know if you can make it out but there is a pleat in the middle.

Maria's pattern was well written with clear photos of the steps involved and I was impressed at how quickly she answers her emails so if you had a problem she's quick to help.
If you'd like to take a look at Maria's beautiful bags you can go to her Etsy HERE and HERE and also on Craftsy HERE.  On Craftsy she has a free pattern for a double sided pillow with buttons and in her Etsy shop you will also see that she has pillows, scarves and jewelry as well as her bags.
She's getting a pattern ready for testing and it's gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to making that one.
More things to show you soon.
Happy Sewing
~ Maria ~


  1. That's a really nice bag, Maria. What a great idea to use your husband's pants! Thanks for introducing me to new designer, too! It's always fun to "meet" someone new.

    Have fun testing and sewing! I know what you mean--being up to your ears in all of it, but enjoying it all, too.


  2. WOW, another cool Bag, you busy Bee :O)
    Happy new week!

  3. Really cute, Maria. If I'm not mistaken, this isn't the first time you have used hubby's pants to make a purse. He better watch out...he could slowly see his wardrobe disappear!

    1. You're so right there Marilyn....her poor hubby must get cold in winter...all his long pants are now cut up and sewn into bags haha

      Sorry Maria, had to tell the truth tee hee hee


  4. I'm not keen on trying piping fact I avoid patterns that have it! Great work as usual.


  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love that bag, and I love that it's made with hubby's old jeans! I hope you didn't tell him about it ... and then let him see the bag a few times ... while he starts to think ... hmmmmmmmmmmmm why DOES that bag look so famila ... hey where are my JEANS???! ! LOLOL it would be funny as anything if that happened!!! I really like the trim embellishment - it looks a lot easier than trying to deal with actual piping - nice touch!

  6. ironically I bought this pattern last week but haven't made it yet...I won't be using my hubbies pants!! LOL

  7. Cute bag and right in style...I have read that denim is the in fabric for the new year.


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